Troll Bogeys is a powerful ingredient that you can get in Hogwarts Legacy. It is needed to brew the Invisibility Potion and to learn the powerful Descendo spell. You are tasked to find a Troll Bogeys as a part of Professor Onai’s Assignment. And while it is not the trickiest item to get in Hogwarts Legacy, it can be a bit confusing for some people. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy.


There are a couple of different ways to get Troll Bogeys. The simplest approach is to just purchase from J. Pippins Potions in Hogsmeade. Each of these will cost you 100 Galleons which is a steep price if you ask me. A better way is to defeat a Troll and get Troll Bogeys as a drop. Trolls can be found inside Troll Lairs scattered all over the areas near Hogwarts — these are denoted by a mountain icon on the map. Once defeated, a Troll can drop around 5-6 Troll Bogeys, which is much better than purchasing them at 100 Galleons each.

After acquiring Troll Bogeys, you will need to take the Divination class during the daytime to unlock the powerful Descendo spell. Descendo deals no direct damage, but objects and enemies slammed to the ground will suffer considerable damage.

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