After completing Crossed Wands: Round 1 and Round 2, you will get access to the final Round 3. This will be your chance to become champion in Hogwarts Castle’s secret dueling club. In this guide, we will discuss everything about winning Crossed Wands: Round 3. As usual, you need to speak with Lucan to start Round 3.

  • Quest Giver: Lucan Brattleby
  • Reward: Cosmetic Items, 180XP
  • Prerequisites: Complete Main Quest Tomes and Tribulations and Crossed Wands Round 1 and 2.

How to Win Crossed Wands: Rounds 3 in Hogwarts Legacy

Speak with Lucan Brattleby to start the third and final round. Lucan is at The South Wing’s Clock Tower Courtyard, near the entrance of the clock tower. The final round will pit you against four opponents, more than other of the previous rounds.

Crossed Wands: Rounds 3 – How to Break Shields

Just like round 2, you can choose a partner for the third round too. The best partner for the round 3 duels is Sabastian. His ability to cast Levioso makes him a better choice, as that spell leaves enemies vulnerable to attacks. Sabastian can also use Confringo and Diffindo during this duel.

Crossed Wands 3 – What Spells to Use

Crossed Wands: Round 3 features a good mix of spells you need to use. Two enemies have red shields, 1 has yellow, and 1 has purple. So the best spells to use to break their shields are the following:

  • Incendio for red shields
  • Levioso for yellow shields
  • Accio for purple shields

Note: You can complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 during Crossed Wands: Round 3 if you can dodge roll 10 enemy attacks and cast Incendio on enemies 5 times.

Crossed Wands: Round 3 Tips

To win Crossed Wants Round 3, use the aforementioned spells to break your enemy’s shield. Then use a combination of Levioso, Depulso, and your basic wand attack to beat them. It is best to focus on one enemy at a time for the best results.

That’s all you need to know about winning Crossed Wands: Round 3 in Hogwarts Legacy.

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