Now that you have won Crossed Wands: Round 1, it’s time to go into battle again. You and Lucan Brattleby will have to test your mettle against two other Hogwarts students in the secret dueling club. In this guide, we will go through all you need to know about Crossed Wands: Round three to get you one step closer to becoming the champion of Hogwarts.

  • Quest Giver: Lucan Brattleby
  • Reward: 180XP, 25HP
  • Prerequisite: Complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 and Crossed Wands: Round 1

How to Win Crossed Wands: Round 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like the first round, speak with Lucan at The South Wing’s Clock Tower Courtyard to start the second round of Crossed Wands. This time, you don’t have to go into battle with Lucan. You won’t be allowed to pick a partner, you can’t choose Lucan again, but there are other options you can select:

  • Natsai Onai
  • Sabastian Sallow

Crossed Wands: Round 2 Tips

This time you are facing three enemies, which makes things a lot harder. Your enemies in the duel will have their shields up. You need to break their shields by using a spell that matches the color of the shield. For yellow shields, use Levioso, and for Purple shields, use Accio to break through.

Crossed Wands: Round 2 Tips - How to Break Shields
Crossed Wands: Round 2 Tips – How to Break Shields

Once the shields are down, you can use Levioso to lift them, which makes them vulnerable to more attacks. Use your basic spell cast to do as much damage as possible when they float. Make sure to lock on one target at a time to focus your spells before moving on to the other enemy.

Depulso is another excellent spell that you can use to knock down enemies in Hogwarts Legacy. While they are on the ground, they are vulnerable to attacks.

Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands: Round 2 Video Walkthrough

Crossed Wands: Round 2 Video Walkthrough

That’s all we have on how to win Crossed Wands: Round 2 in Hogwarts Legacy.

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