Probably the fastest and easiest side quest to complete in Hogwarts Legacy is Cross Wands: Round 1. This guide will explain everything you need to know on how to complete Crossed Wands: Round 1. As the name suggests, there is a Crossed Wands: Round 2 and 3 as well, but this article will only focus on the first round.

  • Quest Giver: Lucan Brattleby
  • Reward: 180XP, 20HP
  • Prerequisite: Complete Main Quest: Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Main Quest

How to Win Crossed Wands: Round 1 in Hogwarts Legacy

Go to The South Wing’s Clock Tower Courtyard and speak with Lucan, who knows about the secret dueling club. This club is where you can test your skills and new spells against friendlies rather than hostile enemies. Lucan trusts you and allows you to be a part of the secret dueling club.

After your conversation with Lucan, a want battle with two other Hogwarts students will begin. To win the fight in Crossed Wands: Round 1, use Levioso to pull down their shields and attack with your basic spell until you are victorious.

Crossed Wands: Round 1 Duel Tips

The students you fight have their shields up, but as I explained above, you can use Levioso to counter-break the shield. But there is more to it than that. While Levioso works, it only does against enemies that have a yellow shield. The shield color must match the color of the spell you’re going to cast. Use Levioso on Yellow shields and Accio on Purple shields.

Crossed Wands: Round 1 Duel Tips
Crossed Wands: Round 1 Duel Tips

Another thing you need to do is lock your camera on one enemy and keep it there until you deal with them. One enemy at a time is the key to winning in Crossed Wands: Round 1. Press the right stick on your controller or caps lock on a keyboard to lock onto an enemy.

Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands: Round 1 Video Walkthrough

That’s all we have on how to win Crossed Wands: Round 1.

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