Our Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough for Cache in the Castle will give you step-by-step instructions on how to complete it. Cache in the Castle is an exciting side quest with multiple objectives, including speaking with Arthur Plummly and finding a handful of landmarks. At the end of the side quest, you will get your hands 180XP, which is far less than what you get from other quests such as Flying Off the Shelves and Dissending for Sweets. However, the quest is worth doing to be in the good graces of Arthur.

Cache in the Castle Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Quest Giver: Arthur Plummly
  • Prerequisites: Main Quest: Welcome to Hogsmeade
  • Objectives: Find landmarks from Arthur’s Treasure map, find the painting, unveil the painting’s secret, and return to Plummly.

To start the quest, you must speak with Arthur Plummly. He can be found one floor above Professor Fig’s classroom and offers you clues to a treasure. Following the treasure map, you need to find three landmarks and one painting for Arthur.

Landmark Locations With Images

  • Location #1: The first landmark is the rhino skeleton you can find by going all the way down the stairs in front of Arthur. The skeleton is to your left; you must go near it to complete the task and move on to the second landmark location.
  • Location #2: The second landmark is in The Astronomy Wing’s Transfiguration Courtyard. It is the sea-green dragon statue in the middle of the courtyard. Go near it to complete the task and move on to the third and final landmark. If you have the Floo Flame fast travel point unlocked for that area, you can reach the location much faster to get the landmark.
  • Location #3: The marker for the final landmark will start from behind the second landmark and takes you through a door. You should be near a staircase, the third landmark you’ll need to complete the quest.

Painting Location and Its Secret

From the third landmark, go up the stairs, where you will find the blue painting. It is on the wall next to a metal armor statue holding a spear. To under the secret of the painting, cast Accio at the top of its frame to open the hidden passage. Inside there is a chest contacting Authentic Historian’s Uniform.

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