There are 13 Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy that you can breed. Once bred, you can get ingredients from them to upgrade your gear or just sell them in Hogsmeade if you need a lot of Gold. And while it is possible to purchase these Magical Beasts from a vendor, Breeding them yourself is far cheaper. A lot of fun too. Breeding all the creatures in Hogwarts Legacy will unlock The Nature of the Beast trophy/achievement. This guide will help you learn all there is to know about Breeding all the Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Unlock Breeding

Breeding in Hogwarts Legacy is not available from the start. In order to unlock the feature, you will need to complete a quest for Deek. It is named The Elf, The Nab-sack, and The Loom. The entire questline revolves around Deek showing you how to capture various creatures with a Nab-sack. It is a fairly self-explanatory quest that we have explained in detail in our The Elf, The Nab-sack, and The Loom walkthrough guide. At the completion of the questline, Deek will help you set up the Enchanted Loom in the Vivarium.

The Elf, The Nab-sack, and The Loom is not the only quest that you will need to complete. Another quest tied to Breeding is Foal of the Dead. This quest will teach you how to use the Breeding Pen inside the Vivarium and the entire process of Breeding creatures.

How to Tame

You will also learn how to tame creatures in Foal of the Dead questline. You will need to capture a couple of Thestrals. To capture these creatures successfully, you will need to make yourself invisible, cast Leviosa on a Thestral so that it is unable to run away, and then use the Nab-sack to complete the process.

Breeding Process

To start the Breeding process, you will need to conjure your Breeding Pen inside the Room of Requirement. You will need to have 15x Moonstones to do so. In addition to that, you will also need both male/female of the same species. After that is done, you need to select the option that says ‘Breed’. You will also need to wait half an hour for the Breeding process to complete.

List of Creatures

There are a total of 13 Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy that you can breed to get a wide variety of ingredients. Out of these, you cannot breed Phoenix. A complete list of these Magical Beasts is attached below:

  1. Diricawl: Diricawl Feather
  2. Fwooper: Fwooper Feather
  3. Giant Purple Toad: Toad Warts
  4. Graphorn: Graphorn Horn
  5. Hippogriff: Hippogriff Feather
  6. Jobberknoll: Jobberknoll Feather
  7. Kneazle: Kneazle Fur
  8. Mooncalf: Mooncalf Fur
  9. Niffler: Niffler Fur
  10. Phoenix: Phoenix Feather
  11. Puffskein: Puffskein Fur
  12. Thestral: Thestral Hair
  13. Unicorn: Unicorn Hair

We will also have a detailed guide on the locations of these Magical Beasts in the coming days. This is all we have in our Hogwarts Legacy Breeding guide. Be sure to see our Hogwarts Legacy wiki page for other helpful tips.

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