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Hogwarts Legacy Best Pyromancer DPS Build Guide

Best Talents, Gear, and Spells for Pyromancer Build in Hogwarts Legacy


Welcome to our guide on the best pyromancer DPS build for Hogwarts Legacy! In this guide, we will be showcasing a powerful build that will allow you to burn and destroy everything around you with ease. With our recommended traits and talents, you will have high spell cooldowns and deal massive damage to your enemies.

We will also provide tips on how to upgrade your gear and farm for the necessary items to make this build work. So if you’re looking to become a master of fire spells and wreak havoc on your enemies, read on to discover the best pyromancer DPS build for Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Pyromancer DPS Build

Deek Missions need to be upgraded so that you can progress and add slots to your gear. As a house elf, Deek can help you upgrade your Room of Requirements. As a result, you will be able to unlock an item called the Loom. The Loom allows you to add traits to your gear. Traits are necessary for which you should do Bandit camps.

Find a bandit camp, defeat all enemies, and open the final box, but save the game before opening it. You can then choose whichever trait you want. If you get the wrong one, simply load the saved game and try again to find the trait you want to add to each gear piece.

Best Gear

You can use any type of gear that you want but using legendary variants is the key. Builds in Hogwarts Legacy mainly depend on what traits and spells you’re using so when it comes to gear, you have a lot of flexibility as long as you’re using legendary variants. Some gear pieces that do go well with the Pyromancer build are Ornate Ebony Gloves, Rose Riding Attire (or Treasure Seeker’s Attire), Paocher Coat, and Orange Eye of Newt Goggles.

You can get legendary gear pieces from legendary caches. They are available in dungeons and caves all over the Hogwarts Legacy Map.

Best Trait

For our Pyro build, we will be using Concentration III 4 Legendary Gear pieces. Farm Legendary Gear pieces and once you have the legendary gear pieces, you can add Concentration III to each piece, and this will significantly boost your damage output.

You will then be left with two gear slots and hopefully, you can fill them up with legendary gear as well but regardless of the type, put Scorching III and Ancient Magic Focus III traits on the remaining gear pieces.


Using Concetration III on all 6 gear pieces works exceptionally well too. But we using Scorhing III and Ancient Magic Focus III to increase Incendio damage and lower Ancient Magic Meter cooldown.

Best Spells

For this Pyromancer DPS build we will mainly be using damage spells including Incendio, Confringo, and Diffindo. We will be using all three spells in combination with Accio in Hogwarts Legacy.

Best Talents

The best talents we used for this Pyromancer build are:

  • Diffendo Mastry
  • Incedio Mastery
  • Accio Mastery
  • Confringo Mastery
  • Basic Cast Mastery (Core Talent)
  • Protego Absorbtion (Core Talent)
  • Swift (Core Talents)
  • Wiggenweld Potency I, and II (Core Talent)
  • Evasion Absorption (Core Talent)
  • Protego Expertise (Core Talent)
  • Protego Mastery (Core Talent)

Pyromancer DPS Build Playstyle and Spell Combination

As I mentioned above, we are using use these spells in combination with Accio; bring enemies closer and use Incendio. Unleash Confringo Next, and then use Diffindo to finish them off if they aren’t already dead. Big enemies can’t be pulled with Accio so for them you can simply use your other spells and since we have upgraded talents for the basic cast, that would do good damage too.

That’s all you need to know to craft the best Pyrmancer build in Hogwarts Legacy.

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