While wandering the grounds of Hogwarts, you must have come across those large wooden doors with odd symbols and equations – these perplexing puzzles are famously called Arithmancy Doors or Animal Doors. Although they may look daunting from afar, don’t be intimidated. All it takes is a bit of knowledge of what those symbols stand for, and voila – the door will open in no time. Ready to learn how you can unlock the mysterious Arithmancy (Animal) Puzzle Doors found in Hogwarts Legacy? Look no further! This guide will show you exactly what to do.

How to Solve the Arithmancy Puzzle Doors

A challenge awaits you in the Library Annex area, where a mysterious door is ready to take you to an Arithmancy Classroom. By its side lies a note with symbols of animals and their corresponding numbers – except for one. If you can successfully uncover the missing number, then open the sesame. Unlocking all Arithmancy Doors is possible as long as you have the numerical values of the symbols.

The challenge is that some symbols may be replaced with a question mark and a creature-like symbol.

The answer to unlocking the door lies in substituting some symbols with a “?” and an animal-like symbol. These signs are associated with one of the images around the archway’s frame. Every image is linked to a number, but you must proceed clockwise from 0 – 9 for this task. If done correctly, you will have opened up untold mysteries beyond your wildest imagination.

The image shows each animal symbol with its corresponding number and the door frame.

To solve the puzzle, use the animal symbol to match its corresponding number on the diagram. This will help you determine the number that corresponds to the question mark. Remember that the large number in the center of the door is the sum of the three numbers on the diagram.

Using the above image as an example equation, the center number is 21, and you also get 11. The final circle shows a question mark, and at the top, we see an animal symbol which, in this case, corresponds to the number 2.

The final step is to roll the dice with question marks until the right animal symbol appears. Then interact with the door to solve the puzzle.

All Arithmancy (Animal) Door Puzzle Answers

  • #1: One of the animal door puzzles is at Central Hall (21 – 17). The puzzle answer here is Top:8 and Bottom: 3.
  • #2: Another door puzzle is at the Grand Staircase (6 – 11). The answer here is Top: 0 and Bottom: 5.
  • #3: The third Arithmancy door puzzle is at the Astronomy Wing (5 – 12). The answer to this one is Top: 2 and Bottom: 7.

I hope this helps you deal with the annoying math problems presented by the animal door puzzles. If you need more help with other aspects of Hogwarts, here are some guides I suggest:

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