Hitman 3 Shortcuts Locations Guide

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Each location in Hitman 3 has different shortcuts for the players to unlock. Once unlocked, these shortcuts provide players alternate passageways on a level. Shortcuts in the game are marked by yellow grates on vents, doors, ladders, etc., and require a crowbar to unlock them. In this guide, we’ve shared the locations of all the shortcuts that players can find in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Shortcuts Locations

Below are all the shortcuts that players can find in Hitman 3.


There are a total of 4 shortcuts in Dubai:

Atrium Lobby Door
On the 1st level, it’s accessed from the bathrooms into the maintenance area.

Penthouse Terrace Ladder
On the 4th level, it should be marked Outdoor Area on the map. It should be in an open area.

Ventilation Area Ladder
On the 4th level as well, it should be in the Ventilation Area.

Helipad Ladder
Right next to the helipad on the 3rd level.


Dartmoor only has 2 shortcuts:

Balcony Ladder
On the 1st level, right next to the starting point.

Maintenance Ladder
On the 3rd level, inside Alexas Office. Accessed through the ledge over the staircase.


Players can find a total of 3 shortcuts in Berlin, Germany:

Entrance Backdoor
On the ground level, behind the ‘Staff Only’ sign.

Biker Basement Door
In the Bikers Clubhouse on the ground level.

Skylight Ladder
Use the skylight in the Roof area on the 2nd level to drop down.


Chongqing also houses only 3 shortcuts for the players to discover:

Inner Courtyard
On the 1st level, near the Inner Courtyard.

Facility Elevator Shaft
Right next to the Tier 1 Security area on the 1st level.

The Block Ladder
On the 2nd level, inside the building where Hush is found.


Mendoza has a total of 3 shortcuts that can be found in Hitman 3:

Cellar Door
On the 3rd level, accessed from the Villa Basement.

Near the outdoor staircase, on the 2nd level.

Maintenance Door
Similar to the Cellar Door shortcut, it’s on the 3rd level, accessed from the Villa Basement.

Carpathian Mountains

Carpathian Mountains only has 2 shortcuts in the area:

Passenger Car Door
Accessed from the train-cabin with a workbench.

Container Door
Automatically accessed during the mission, section where a valve can be placed.

These are all the shortcuts in Hitman 3. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Hitman 3 wiki guides.

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