Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide – How To Get 60 FPS, Optimized Settings

Hitman 3 Screenspace Reflections, Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide

Hitman 3 has launched for PC and consoles. Being a cross-gen title, Hitman 3 gets the best of both generations in terms of visuals and optimization. Running the game at 60 FPS can be challenging since it’s quite demanding. In this Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide, I will help players with the best settings to achieve 1080p/60 FPS on a mid-range PC without sacrificing image quality.

Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide

Like the previous Hitman titles, Hitman 3 features a lot of graphics options that players can tweak. Recent Hitman titles are particularly heavy on the CPU because of the AI routines the game has to manage. Even a 6 Core/6 Thread CPU can get crushed under the load but only when players go gun blazing.

In this Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide, I will explain each of the graphics options and will also recommend the best settings to achieve 60 FPS on a mid-range PC. By mid-range I mean a PC with the following specs. If you have a PC with better specs then these optimized settings can be scaled at a higher resolution for high-end PCs.

CPU: 8th-gen Intel Core i5 6 Cores/6 Threads
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

Before we start, if you have an SSD, I recommend that you install Hitman 3 on it. This will greatly help with the game loading and will also keep the game from stuttering while streaming data. With that out of the way, let’s begin with our Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide.

Display Mode

Set this setting to Exclusive Fullscreen as it’ll improve performance a bit.


V-Sync or Vertical Synchornizatoion eliminates screen tearing by matching the FPS with the display’s refresh rate. Obviously, this will also lock the game’s Max FPS. However, if you have a display with G.sync or Freesync, then you don’t need to enable it. I recommend that you keep it on to avoid screen tearing.

Alternatively, Nvidia GPU owners can enable Fast sync to avoid the max FPS limitation. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Hitman 3. Set Vertical sync to “Fast” and hit apply. Make sure the in-game v.sync is disabled and you have selected either Exclusive Fullscreen or Fullscreen for display mode. Fast sync allows the GPU to render as much FPS as it can for the game regardless of the refresh-rate and doesn’t let the frames cause screen tearing.

Recommended: On

V-Sync Interval

This Hitman 3 graphics option is basically an FPS cap. select 1 to cap the FPS to your display’s refresh rate. Meaning, if your display is 60 Hz, Hitman 3 will be locked at 60 FPS. select 2 to cap the game at half the FPS and 3 for unlocked FPS.

If you have enabled V.sync, then you don’t need to use it. So set this one to 1. If you have a display with a high refresh-rate like 120 Hz, then set it to 2 to lock the game at 60 FPS.

Recommended: 1

Super Sampling

Super Sampling in Hitman 3 is basically a resolution scaler. The higher the value the higher the resolution the game will be rendered. This results in a better-looking image with great visuals. Also, this setting is quite taxing. So keep this one at 1.00 as this will render the game at the native resolution of your display.

Recommended: 1.00

Level of Detail

The Level of Detail graphics option is quite self-explanatory. This controls of quality of objects around close and at a distance from Agent 47. The higher the setting the more detailed objects will be rendered by the game. Set this option to Medium.

Recommended: Medium

Texture Quality

Texture Quality options in Hitman 3 controls the quality of in-game textures for surfaces, objects, and more. The higher the setting the better resolution the in-game textures will have which will result in a better-looking game. If you have a GPU with 4GB of above VRAM, then set it to High.

Recommended: High

Texture Filter

Payers can set this option at 16x if they have a GTX 1060 or above. This option keeps the in-game textures from blurring when seen from an angle.

Recommended: 16x


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion or SSAO is an ambient occlusion technique that only comes into effect for objects that are in the player’s view. Obviously, this has an impact on performance and should be set at Medium.

Recommended: Medium

Shadow Quality

This Hitman 3 graphics option controls the quality of shadows. The higher the setting, the better looking the shadows will be. Set his setting to Medium as shadows are taxing on the GPU.

Recommended: Medium

Mirrors Reflection Quality

This graphics setting controls how good looking the mirror reflections will be. This one in particular is quite taxing on the game’s performance and players should set it to Medium and even low if they think FPS is dropping.

Recommended: Medium

SSR Quality

SSR or Screen Space Reflections are reflections that only render for objects in the player’s field of view. Anything outside of the player’s FOV doesn’t get a reflection. Screen Space Reflection Quality controls how good looking and high-res the reflection will be. Set it to Medium.

Recommended: Medium

Variable Rate Shading

For the GPUs that support it, do enable this setting to gain FPS at the cost visuals. The downgrade depends on the option you select for this setting. I recommend that you keep this setting at Quality.

Recommended: Qulaity

Motion Blur

Motion Blur gives the gameplay a month feeling and is quite useful at low FPS as it somewhat masks the FPS drops. However, it’s a personal preference of the player.

Simulation Quality – Graphics

Simulation Quality settings can be quite taxing on both the CPU and the GPU. The Graphics option renders larger crowds, enables better AI, and adds environment destruction. This can be a performance hog especially if players go gun blazing. Set this one to Base for better FPS on CPUs with 4 Cores. If you have a CPU with 6 Cores or above, then set it to best. Since, I am targeting a PC with 6 Cores, set this setting to Best.

Recommended: Best

Hitman 3 Optimized Settings For 60 FPS

Now that I’ve explained what each of the Hitman 3 graphics options does and their performance impact, the following are the optimized setting for the 60 FPS experience on a mid-range PC at 1080p.

Display Mode – Exclusive Fullscreen
V-Sync- On
V-Sync Interval – 1
Super Sampling – 1.00
Level of Detail – Medium
Texture Quality – High
Texture Filter – 16x
SSAO – Medium
Shadow Quality – Medium
Mirrors Reflection Quality – Medium
SSR: Medium
Variable Rate Shading – Quality
Motion Blur – player’s choice
Simulation Quality – Graphics – Best

That is all for our Hitman 3 PC Optimization Guide with tips on how to get 60 FPS with optimized settings at 1080p. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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