Hitman video games are known to be elaborate and giving players the freedom to approach each story mission as they wish. This means, doing a perfect assassination takes time and a lot of trial and error as players make themselves familiar with the map. In this Hitman 3 How The Mighty Fall Story Walkthrough Guide, we will help players with completing the mission without being detected.

Hitman 3 How The Mighty Fall Dubai Walkthrough

How The Mighty Fall Dubai mission is the very first in the game and players start with Agent 47 being out on a scaffolding of a skyscraper. Follow this path to the top to the window cleaner’s platform.

Once there, players need to use the camera to get inside. Open up the inventory and select the camera. Aim the camera at the rectangular panel located at the bottom of the window panel. The window will unlock and Agent 47 can go inside.

Get inside the crawlway and go left from the split. Climb the ladder, through the doorway, and then go through the blue curtain. Agent 47 has now changed his attire suitable for the occasion.

After that, go to the atrium on Floor 0. The king will make a speech and players need to look at golden columns to the right. Follow these columns to the end look to the right. Here will be three terminals and interact with the terminal with the mission marker.

While using the terminal, select “Floor Plan” and Agent 47 will get his next mission objective. Go to the marker and input the code that Grey will give you to unlock the door and get inside the staff area and Agent 47 will be detected instantly if seen.

Pick up the hammer from the alcove to the left and turn on the vacuum on the right. Turn the vacuum on and then hide behind the box carts. This will attract one of the staff members and once the staff member turns off the vacuum and turns around, throw the hammer to knock out the staff member.

Hide the body in the locker and do it again as the staff member was female and her clothes won’t fit Agent 47. The second time a male staff member will come to investigate and players can take his clothes. Keep the hammer with you.

Go around the corner and follow the hallway until you come across two guards. Throw the hammer to distract the guards. As they investigate, go through the door to the left to the storage room. Here will be a staff member and a guard who will be smoking.

Make sure 47 isn’t detected by the guard and use the phone again to open the window on the left. Hide behind the boxes and wait for them to leave. Go to the window you opened and vault outside and hand on the ledge. Move right to a pipe and climb up. At the top of the pipe, open the window using the camera and head inside Level 3.

Agent 47 will be in a hallway and needs to get to the second door on the left which is the server room. But, there is a guard at the end of the hallway. Use Instinct vision and wait for the guard to get behind the corner before moving. Walk close to the wall to the left to avoid being detected by the camera and get inside the storage room. Subdue the staff member, take his clothes, and take the hammer. Now go to the door to the server room.

Use the terminal but it’s locked. Don’t follow Grey’s instructions and sabotage a red Server Racks as it’ll trigger an alarm. Instead, players have to get a server room keycard. Go through the maintenance door and then take a left. Two maintenance staff members will be here and one of them will be on the phone.

Players have until the staff member finishes the call. Go past the woman on the phone and wait for the other one to come around the corner. Use the hammer to knock out the other staff member, take the keycard and hide him in the nearby locker. Go back to the server room and make sure you still have that hammer with you. If the woman has finished her call, hide in the locker and wait for her to leave.

Use the keycard on the Keycard Reader and the screen on one of the four terminals will show yellow lines of code. Find that terminal and sabotage it. Now use the terminal and disable the cameras by selecting the 3rd option. After that, call the emergency meeting by select option 1.

Now both of the targets are in the same lounge on the penthouse floor. Now players need to acquire the Penthouse Guard disguise which is the highest disguise the players can have in this Hitman 3 Dubai mission.

Again go through the maintenance door and turn right to a door. The Penthouse Guard is behind the door. Use the Instinct vision and wait for the guard to go to the right. After that, go inside the knock out of the guard. Drag the guard to the storage room and take the disguise and hide the body in the locker. If you don’t have the hammer, then take the gun that the Penthouse Guard dropped.

Go out to the hallway and go left and past the stairs to the room at the end. Go left through the meeting room and avoid the enforcer. Exit through the door on the right corner and then go left and up the stairs.

Agent 47 is now on Floor 4. Follow the path between the water past the Penthouse Guards and follow the blue carpet to the lounge. Go straight to the bar and use the panel in the middle to initiate the lockdown. Once Grey is done talking, players can take out the targets. If you have the gun, use it as no one will hear it. In case, you don’t have the gun, use the knife on top of the bar. Or you can assassinate your targets any way you want at this point.

Once the targets are eliminated, hide the bodies in the wicker box located to the left of the TV. Use the switch to lift the lockdown and go out through the path between the water. Take the left path and through the door to the balcony. Get to the edge of the balcony and exit the Hitman 3 How The Mighty Fall mission.

That is all for our Hitman 3 How The Mighty Fall Dubai Story Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to complete the mission without being detected. For more on the game, also see our Alexa Carlisle Safe Code Solution Guide and Dartmoor Assassination Challenges Guide.

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