Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide: Complete All Feats

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges

Among the different categories of challenges in Hitman 3, one type is the Feats. There are close to 20 Feats you can complete in the Dubai level of Hitman 3. Below is a complete guide on how to complete all Dubai Feats Challenges in Hitman 3. It should be noted that all of them can only be completed if you are playing online.

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges

Suiting Attire: Find the skydiving suit on Floor 01, Atrium. Interact with the suit rack and leave the building after you kill both targets.

Mission Story – (In)Security: Complete Dubai Mission Story (In)Security.

Chip and Dip: Go to the server room on Floor 03 and head behind the corridor to find 2 workers. Take them down and steal the keycard. Head to the server room and a platform will raise, use the keycard on of servers will turn from green to yellow text. Pull the rack from the yellow text server.

Geronimo: Complete “Mile High Drop” Assassination Challenge.

Cashing Out: On Floor 01 Atrium in the restricted area you will find deposit boxes but you need a crowbar to pry them open. Inside one of the boxes you will find a gold bar. Equip it and go to the middle of the Atrium where the Sheikh is holding his speech. Throw the gold bar on his head.

Mission Story – Bird of Prey:  Complete Dubai Mission Story Bird of Prey.

Flying Money Business: Inside the Security Room on Floor 03 there is a safe (Code 6927) with the Evacuation Keycard. Use the card on the panels in the penthouse on Floor 04 and 05 to start the escape sequence for your targets. Go back to the penthouse to put on the skydiving suit and head to the roof where everyone is about to jump. Use banana peels to make them slip. If you don’t have banana peels, find them inside the Security Room on Floor 03.

High Rise Drop: Start “How The Mighty Fall” Dubai Mission Story and go to Floor 03 to find a console to open Elevators in the entire building. Knock someone out and throw their body in the elevator shaft.

The Asmodeus Waltz 1: Complete all levels in the Escalation Contract.

The Asmodeus Waltz 2: Start the Escalation Contract for the first time.

The Phoenix Ascension: Complete all levels in the Escalation Contract.

And that’s all the Feats you can complete in Hitman 3 and how. If you need more help check out the Assassination Challenges, Discovery Challenges, and All Dubai Challenges.

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