Hitman 3 Dubai Assassination Challenges Guide

Hitman 3 Assassination Challenges

In Hitman 3 you can complete a ton of Assassination Challenges. They are pretty simple to complete and usually require to you to perform a couple of actions. However, it is recommended that you complete them after you successfully finish a level at least once. Speaking of levels, the first level in Hitman 3 is Dubai and it does feature Assassination Challenges. Below is a complete guide to Assassinations in Hitman 3 and how to complete them all.

Hitman 3 Dubai Assassination Challenges

Piano Man: Use the Fiber Wire to take out an enemy.

Versatile Assassin: Complete Finish “Piano Man”, “Someone Could Hurt Themselves”, “Hold My Hair”, “Straight Shot”, “Tasteless, Traceless” challenges in Dubai.

Hold My Hair: Give a target Emetic poison and wait for them to go to the toilet. While they are puking in the toilet, drown them from behind.

Tasteless, Traceless: Complete “Pick your poison” challenge.

Someone Could Hurt Themselves: Push a target over a ledge or railing.

Straight Shot: Shoot a target in the head.

Pick Your Poison: Use lethal poison to kill Ingram in Dubai.

Angry Bird: Unlock the Explosive Golf ball. Make Ingram play gold and watch him explode to bits.

Vertical Approach: Push Stuyvesant from the roof during (In) Security Dubai Mission Story.

Impactful Art: Complete Dubai Mission Story “How The Mighty Fall.” Wait for both targets to be in the same room. Knock them both out and drag them under the chandelier. Shoot the chandelier rope to make it fall on the targets, killing them immediately.

Black Gold Eye: Complete Dubai Mission Story “Bird of Prey.” Get a private meeting with Carl Ingram and wait for him to order everyone to leave. Wait for Ingram to stand in front of the table in the 1st room and push him onto the oil rig statue on the desk. Knock out the remaining 1 guard.

Mile High Drop: Go to the third floor to get the Evacuation Keycard from the safe. The safe code is 6927. Use the card on the fourth and fifth floor to trigger an escape sequence for your targets. They will all gather on the helipad and then head back to out on their skydiving suits to jump off the roof. When they jump use your Assault Rifle to shoot their parachutes. Do remember to take out the guards to get the weapons you need.

Conserving Ammunition: Complete the “How The Mighty Fall” Mission Story in Dubai. Line both of them up for a double headshot when they are standing in front of the TV.

Icarus: Go to the second floor and find the corridor to the right of the art gallery. Go in the corridor and find the panel that says “Override the Safe Zone.” You need a Crowbar to use the panel. The crowbar can be found on the roof on Floor 02. Use the Crowbar to open the fusebox and go up the ladder behind the “sun” to the left of the panel. Go up the ladder and insert the fuse in the fusebox. Climb down and interact with the safe zone panel box. Now, wait for Stuyvesant to come to the art gallery, as he is close to it override the safe zone. Make sure you do this as soon as the mission starts.

And that’s all the Assassination Challenges you can complete in Hitman 3. If you need more help check out the Discovery Challenges, and all Dubai Challenges guide.

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