Hitman 3 Bird of Prey Dubai Mission Story Walkthrough

Hitman 3 Birds of Prey Walkthrough

Bird of Prey is one of the Dubai Mission Stories in Hitman 3. While it is not the most interesting path you can follow, it certainly gets the job done. In this guide, you will get the complete Hitman 3 Bird of Prey Dubai Mision Story walkthrough.

Hitman 3 Bird of Pre Dubal Walkthrough

Bird of Prey Mission Story is completely optional, you can complete other Mission Stories if you want but if go with this one, here’s how to complete it.

Start the mission story in Atrium on Level 1 but keep in mind that this only leads to the assassination of Carl Ingram. You will have to find a different method of killing Marcus Stuyvesant.

Go to Atrium level 1 and head north; go up the stairs and to your right, there should be a man in a black and green suit arguing with someone. Listen to them and follow the Mission Story from there.

Your first objective is to disguise yourself as Kazem. You will find him arguing with the receptionist and follow him to the garden. Hide in the bushes and wait for the right moment to pull him in and take his disguise. You can use the Sound System on the wall to get his attention. Make sure his body is well hidden and out of sight. Once you get the disguise also pick up the Lethal Poison Pill Jar Kazem drop. You can also pick up a nearby screwdriver for a more brutal approach.

The next step is to speak with the personal assistant of Omar al-Ghazali. With your Kazem disguise on you need to follow the green marker and get frisked by the guards. Pass through and head up the stairs to speak with the Personal Assistant.

Follow her and reach the penthouse on Level 3 and then to the Meeting Room. Enter the room and sit across the table from Ingram. It might be a while before he comes to the Meeting Room so wait until he does.

When he does arrive, he will ask you to get rid of a journalist by the name of Hans Lucht. To progress in Bird of Prey Mission Story in Hitman 3, you need to take a picture of an incapacitated Hans. The journalist is somewhere in the Atrium on Level 1. You will find him near Event Security Guards, he is dressed in a maroon jacket.

Speak with him and lead him to the toilet nearby, knock him out or kill him (your choice) and take a picture for Ingram. Bring the picture to Ingram’s Personal Assistant. Talk to Ingram and he will send the guards out of his Master Suite. You can knock him out and snap his neck but the covert way to kill him is the lethal poison pill jar you picked up from Kazem. Sneak a pill into Kazem’s Whiskey glass in the lounge bar. You can walk out after you kill him.

Alternately, if you have a screwdriver you can sabotage the railing in the balcony and watch Ingram fall to his death from the skyscraper.

And that’s how you complete Birds of Prey Mission Story in Hitman 3. If you need more help with the game check out Dubai Assassinations and Discovery Challenges guide.

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