Hippolyta’s Amazons is the new faction included in Total War Saga Troy with Hippolyta being the leader of the Amazons. Like with other factions in the game, Hippolyta has a campaign of her own with victory conditions. Our Total War Saga: Troy Guide will help players with the victory condition for the Hippolyta’s Amazons campaign.


Hippolyta’s Amazons Victory Conditions

Hippolyta’s Amazons’ campaign isn’t different from other rulers in the game. However, like the other ruler campaigns, The High Queen of the Amazons has Homeric Victory conditions. The following are the victory conditions.

  • Complete 13 Epic missions
  • Players need to unlock at least five Amazon Kingdom milestones.
  • The Amazon Kingdom should be the one controlling all six Sacred Settlements
  • Mycenae, Sparta, and Athina should be destroyed or confederated.
  • Athina should be under Amazon Kingdom’s control either directly or through vassals/military allies

Complete these conditions and the High Queen of the Amazons will be victorious.

That is all for our Total War Saga: Troy guide with tips on The High Queen of the Amazons victory conditions.