The Kingdom of Amazon has milestones and achieving these milestones will reward players with feats or boost to a specific mechanic for the faction. To achieve these milestones players need to collect treasures and spend some resources. Our Total War Saga: Troy guide will help players with the Hippolyta’s Amazons Milestones and their requirements.


Amazon Kingdom Milestones

Milestones in Total War Saga: Troy reward players with feats or buff to a specific game mechanic for the faction you achieve the milestones. Hippolyta’s Amazons have milestones of their own.

Each milestone has some requirements, like a specific amount of treasures and kingdom level. Once these requirements are met, players then need to spend some resources like food, wood, bronze, stone, and more to achieve the milestone. The following are the milestones for the Kingdom of Amazon along with their requirements.

Kingdom Level Required Treasure Resources Required Reward
Heritage 10 800 food Venteran Tutelage – Levels up units.
Enlightenment 180 1,500 food and 1,800 wood Sage Mentoring – Levels up a General.
Wisdom 600 4,000 food and 800 stone Wisdom of the Ages – Used to instantly complete a tech or royal decree.
`Authority 1,200 8,000 food and 1,000 bronze. Diplomatic Gift – For a single negotiation, affects diplomacy.
Legacy 2,000 12,000 food and 350 gold Migration – Upgrades the main settlement into a region instantly.

Now that players know what is the requirements for each of the milestones along with the rewards for achieving milestones, the following is an explanation of what each of the milestones does and how players can use these rewards/buffs effectively.


Veteran Tutelage, Sage Mentoring

Players can spend around 7-15 Amazon Treasures on each unit and combine it with a prayer to Athena and leader promotion to obtain high ranking recruits.

This will boost your units and will upgrade the units to their next tier. Players can do the same for the generals but, the only difference is that generals require a lot more Amazon Treasures.

Wisdom of the Ages

Players need to spend around 40 Amazon treasures per turn to instantly completes a tech or to speed up their research. Be careful to not use this for techs that require gold and other resources as you’ll be just wasting treasures.

Diplomatic Gift

Players gain +10 diplomatic weight to their proposal by just spending 25 Amazon Treasures. Combine this with a prayer to Zeus to get some incredible results like hundreds of resources being bartered for the next few turns.



This reward might be the most useful one but, it’s also the most expensive one. Players have to spend 150 Amazon Treasures to upgrade the main settlement into a region and the upgrade is instant. Also, it doesn’t require resources.

That is all for our Total War Saga: Troy with tips on Hippolyta’s Amazons Milestones, their requirements, their rewards. For more on the game also see our Sacred Sites and Settlements Guide.