Starfield the ability to hijack ships not only adds a thrilling dimension to gameplay but also provides players with the opportunity to upgrade their fleet and access valuable resources. Whether you’re looking to expand your collection of ships or simply want to experience the adrenaline rush of space piracy, this guide will walk you through the steps to successfully hijack ships in Starfield.


Finding and Targeting Ships

  1. Acquiring the Target: Before you can hijack a ship, you need to target it. Hover your reticule over the desired ship and tap the target button (E on PC and A on Xbox Series X|S). If the ship doesn’t lock on immediately, you might need to get closer.
  2. Advanced Targeting: By investing skill points into the Target Control Systems skill, players can unlock an advanced targeting method. This allows you to target specific parts of an enemy ship, such as the engines, lasers, and shields. To use this advanced system, hover the reticule over an enemy ship, tap the target button, and then tap another button (R for PC) to bring up the targeting mode. From here, you can select specific ship components to target.

Disabling and Boarding Ships

  1. Disabling the Ship: To hijack a ship, you first need to disable it. This involves targeting and damaging the ship’s shields and engines until they’re non-functional. Once these components are damaged (not destroyed), the ship will become motionless, making it vulnerable to boarding.
  2. Boarding: With the enemy ship disabled, ensure that no other hostile vessels are in the vicinity. You can then approach the disabled ship and dock with it. For a detailed docking procedure, you can refer to specific docking guides.

Taking Control and Stealing Ships

  1. Combat Inside the Ship: Once on board, be prepared for resistance. The ship’s crew won’t take kindly to intruders, especially those with intentions of theft. Engage in combat and secure the ship.
  2. Stealing the Ship: After dealing with the crew, make your way to the cockpit. Interact with the pilot’s seat to take control of the ship. Note: If the ship has a grade C or B engine, ensure your Piloting skill is sufficiently high. Otherwise, you won’t be able to operate the ship, though you can still claim it.
  3. Registering the Ship: Once you’ve taken control, the ship is yours. To make it official, register it with a technician at a spaceport, such as New Atlantis. The hijacked ship will also automatically become your new home vessel.

Pro Tip: Invest in Deception Skill that make stronger ships surrender without a fight.

Should You Hijack Ships

Hijacking ships in Starfield is not just about the thrill; it’s also a strategic move. By doing so, players can:

  • Upgrade Their Fleet: Not all ships are created equal. By hijacking, players can acquire ships that might be superior to their current ones in terms of speed, weaponry, or other features.
  • Access Resources: Ships often carry valuable resources that can be used for various purposes, from crafting to trading.
  • Experience Diverse Gameplay: Engaging in ship combat, boarding enemy vessels, and navigating through them offers a varied gameplay experience, different from planet exploration or other missions.

However, players should also be aware of the risks. Engaging powerful ships or those with heavy security can lead to challenging combat situations. There’s also the moral aspect to consider; not every player might feel comfortable with the idea of space piracy.