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How to Use Warp Crystals in High on Life


High on Life is fairly linear when it comes to progression but that does not mean there is nothing to explore. There are a few optional zones that you can explore for even more missions, resources, and loot. Accessing these areas, however, can be a little tricky for some people. These side areas are accessed using different Warp Discs which are unlocked by Warp Crystals. In this High on Life guide, we have detailed everything there is to know about Warp Crystals.

First, you will need to progress in campaign until you defeat Krubis and Douglas. Once you have done that, you will be provided access to Blorto in the Blim. All that you need to do is to speak with Blorto to receive a complete list of all the available Warp Discs scattered throughout the world and the number of Warp Crystals needed to unlock them. These are all the details:

  • Cutie Town Disc: 0
  • Movie Theater Disc: 3x Warp Crystals
  • Skate Park Disc: 8x Warp Crystals
  • Trolley Tracks Disc: 5x Warp Crystals
  • Toilet Disc: 5x Warp Crystals
  • Quiet College Disc: 10x Warp Crystals

After acquiring the required number of these Warp Crystals, you will be able to travel to the Teleporter in order to get sent to the particular zone. As mentioned earlier, each of these zones has its own resources, enemies, loot, etc.

This is all we have got in our High on Life Warp Crystals guide. Be sure to see our detailed High on Life wiki page for some other tips and strategies.

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