High on Life has a Secret Ending that you can unlock to get a deeper understanding of what is happening in the world. There is also a hint at a possible sequel but no one knows for sure. In order to unlock the Secret Ending, you will need to do a couple things as you are progressing through the campaign. In this High on Life guide, we will walk you through everything there is to know about unlocking the Secret Ending.

To get the Secret Ending in High on Life, you will need to have the Human Keycard. It can easily be acquired from Clugg’s Office whenever you visit it during the story. It is not missable and you can easily pick it up after completing the story.

To start, you will need to defeat Garmantuous. After the credits roll, you will need to travel to Nova Sanctis and head over to Clugg’s Office to collect the Human Keycard — this is assuming you did not acquire it in campaign. With the Human Keycard in hand, you will need to head over to the Teleporter and select the Human Haven under the Unknown Sector.

Once you are in the Human Haven, use your jetpack to slowly ascend to the very top. While you are propelling up, make sure to rest at the platforms in front of the vents to replenish your Fuel Meter. After you get to the very top, you will see a locked door in front of you. Use the Human Keycard to open this door and unlock the Secret Ending in High on Life.

This is all we have got in how to get the Secret Ending in High on Life. Be sure to see our detailed High on Life wiki page for other helpful tips and strategies.

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