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Helldivers 2: How to Get Super Credits and Warbonds?


In the immersive world of Helldivers 2, mastering the game’s economy is as crucial as combat skills. This guide delves into the methods of acquiring Warbonds and Super Credits, two pivotal currencies that can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Understanding how to effectively gather and utilize these resources is key to unlocking advanced gear and customizations, giving you an edge in your interstellar conquests in Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2 Super Credits

Super Credits in Helldivers 2 serve as a premium currency used to access exclusive content within the game. They are distinct from the more commonly earned Warbonds and offer access to items that are typically not obtainable through regular gameplay. Super Credits provide a way for players to acquire unique cosmetic items, enhancing their gaming experience with a wider range of customization options. Here’s how to acquire them:

The most straightforward method is buying Super Credits from the in-game store. This option requires real money, with the current rate being $2 for 150 Super Credits. This method offers immediate access to the credits without the need for in-game grinding.

A less direct but more gameplay-oriented method involves acquiring Warbonds, another form of in-game currency. Warbonds are earned by completing missions and objectives on the Galactic War map. Once you’ve accumulated Warbonds, you can exchange them for Super Credits at the Acquisition Center in the game.

During missions, your map may display diamond icons indicating POIs. These locations can be sources of various items, including Warbond Medals and occasionally Super Credits. While exploring these points can be risky due to potential enemy encounters, they can be a valuable source of Super Credits. Note that finding Super Credits at POIs is a rare event.

Participating in Focused Strategy missions, which are available on the Galactic War Map and are more time-intensive than regular missions, can also yield a substantial amount of Warbonds. These can then be traded for Super Credits. Purchasing the premium track in the game can also offer additional Super Credits. This track, while requiring an upfront investment, provides more Super Credits as you progress through its levels.

Using Super Credits

Once you’ve acquired Super Credits, you can utilize them in the following ways:

Super Credits are primarily used in the Superstore, a special section of the Acquisition Center. This store features exclusive items, such as unique armor sets that rotate on a regular schedule. These items are not available for purchase with other in-game currencies.

The primary allure of the Superstore is its exclusive cosmetic items. These can include specialized helmets, capes, and complete armor sets, allowing players to customize their characters’ appearance.

While the Warbond section of the Acquisition Center is different from the Superstore, it’s worth noting that players can preview what they might want to spend their Super Credits on by browsing through the entire catalog in the Superstore tab.

The items available in the Superstore are subject to rotation, meaning that the selection changes regularly. This dynamic element adds a strategic layer to spending Super Credits, as players need to decide whether to spend immediately on the current offerings or wait for new items to become available.

Helldivers 2 Warbonds

In Helldivers 2, Warbonds function as a primary currency, integral to the game’s economy and progression systems. They are earned through gameplay and are used to purchase a variety of in-game items and upgrades. Warbonds are distinct from Super Credits, which are considered a premium currency. The versatility of Warbonds in acquiring gear and their role in unlocking new catalog pages in the Acquisition Center highlight their importance.

How to Get Warbonds?

The primary way to earn Warbonds is by finishing missions. Each mission, depending on its difficulty and type, awards a certain number of Warbonds upon completion. For example, easier missions like the ‘Bug Extermination’ might offer two Warbonds, while more challenging missions provide a higher yield.

The difficulty of the mission directly impacts the amount of Warbonds earned. Trivial missions offer fewer Warbonds compared to more challenging ones. Engaging in tougher missions not only enhances gameplay experience but also increases the Warbond payout.

These are special, time-sensitive missions displayed on the Galactic War Map. They are longer and more complex than regular missions but offer a significant number of Warbonds as a reward. These missions are a reliable method to accumulate Warbonds more quickly.

While on missions, exploring POIs marked with diamond icons on the map can sometimes yield Warbonds. These locations may contain various items, including Warbond Medals. However, exploring these areas comes with risks, such as enemy encounters.

Tackling missions as part of a group can make earning Warbonds easier, especially for more difficult missions. The cooperative element not only makes the gameplay more engaging but also potentially increases the Warbond earnings due to more efficient mission completion.

Using Warbonds

Once you’ve accumulated Warbonds, you can utilize them in the following ways:

Warbonds are primarily used to buy items from the Acquisition Center on your ship. These items can range from gear to upgrades, playing a significant role in enhancing your gameplay experience.

The Warbond section in the Acquisition Center is organized into pages. Players must spend a certain amount of Warbonds to unlock these pages and access the items they contain. This mechanism adds a progressive aspect to the usage of Warbonds.

Warbonds can also be exchanged for Super Credits, the premium currency in Helldivers 2. This exchange is crucial for players looking to acquire exclusive items available only through Super Credits.

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