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How to Unlock All Stratagems in Helldivers 2


In Helldivers 2, Stratagems are vital combat support abilities deployed from the Destroyer ship. They are categorized into six types: Patriotic Administration Centre, Orbital Cannons, Hangar, Bridge, Engineering Bay, and Robotics Workshop. Each category focuses on a different battlefield area, from heavy weaponry to defensive equipment and robotic sentries. Here is everything you need to know about unlocking all Stratagems in Helldivers 2:

Unlocking Stratagems in Helldivers 2

Stratagems are unlocked as you progress in the game, gaining experience and completing operations. Each Stratagem has a credit cost, which can be earned through operations and Orders. Players must be mindful of friendly fire, as each Stratagem can damage teammates.

Higher levels unlock more advanced Stratagems like the Railgun, Orbital Laser, and the Shield Generator Pack. These require higher levels and more credits. Selecting the right Stratagems for each mission is crucial. Players should consider their role, team composition, and the mission’s objective when choosing Stratagems.

Stratagems are categorized into six modules, each focusing on different combat aspects:

  1. Patriotic Administration Centre: Heavy, powerful weaponry.
  2. Orbital Cannons: Heavy artillery fire.
  3. Hangar: Explosive damage and mobility.
  4. Bridge: Elemental damage.
  5. Engineering Bay: Offensive and defensive equipment.
  6. Robotics Workshop: Sentries and automated defenses.

You can edit your Stratagem selection at the Ship Management console in the Destroyer and confirm your loadout after operation selection.

Most Stratagems are unlocked by leveling up through completing operations in Helldivers 2. Each Stratagem has a credit cost, which you can earn by completing Operations and Orders. Certain Stratagems require Requisition Slips, obtained from successful missions.

Patriotic Administration Centre Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Machine GunHeavy machine gunLevel 1
Anti-Material RiflePowerful sniper rifle vs armorLevel 2, 5000 credits
StalwartEasy-to-use machine gunLevel 2, 3500 credits
Expendable Anti-TankSingle-use rocket launcherLevel 3, 3000 credits
Recoilless RifleReloadable rocket launcherLevel 5
FlamethrowerShort-range fire weaponLevel 10
AutocannonFully automatic cannonLevel 10
RailgunCharged anti-armor weaponLevel 20
SpearHoming missile vs vehiclesLevel 20

Orbital Cannons Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Orbital Gatling BarrageExplosives barrageLevel 2, 1500 credits
Orbital Airburst StrikeWide area shrapnel blastLevel 5
Orbital 120MM HE BarrageSmall missile blastLevel 5
Orbital 380MM HE BarrageWidespread missile barrageLevel 8
Orbital Walking BarrageMoving artillery barrageLevel 10
Orbital LaserLaser-targeting enemiesLevel 15
Orbital Railcannon StrikeStrike on priority targetLevel 20

Hangar Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Eagle Strafing RunFast aircraft guns run on ground targetsLevel 2, 1500 credits
Eagle AirstrikeSeries of uncontrolled bomb detonationsLevel 2, 4000 credits
Eagle Cluster BombSmall precise airburst targeting groupLevel 3, 4000 credits
Eagle Napalm AirstrikeWall of fire from napalm airburstLevel 5
Jump PackRocket jump assistance for mobilityLevel 8
Eagle Smoke StrikeAerial smoke screen for concealmentLevel 8
Eagle 110MM Rocket PodsAir-to-ground missile barrageLevel 10
Eagle 500KG BombSingle ultra-heavy blast radius explosiveLevel 15

Bridge Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Orbital Precision StrikePrecision orbital shotLevel 1
Orbital Gas StrikeCorrosive gas projectileLevel 3, 4000 credits
Orbital EMS StrikeElectrical stunning blastLevel 5
Orbital Smoke StrikeAerial smoke screenLevel 8
HMG EmplacementHeavy machine gun turretLevel 10
Shield Generator RelayEnergy shield deploymentLevel 10
Tesla TowerShock-emitting electrical towerLevel 15

Engineering Bay Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Anti-Personnel MinesProximity explosive minesLevel 2, 1500 credits
Supply PackAmmo backpack for teammatesLevel 3, 4000 credits
Grenade LauncherGrenade projection weaponLevel 5
Laser CannonHeat beam weaponLevel 5
Incendiary MinesFire-based minesLevel 8
Guard Dog RoverLaser-armed combat droneLevel 10
Ballistic Shield PackPersonal directional shieldLevel 12
Arc ThrowerShort-range electrical attackLevel 15
Shield Generator PackProjectile blocking energy shieldLevel 20

Robotics Workshop Stratagems

StratagemEffectHow to Unlock
Machine Gun SentryAutomated machine gun turretLevel 3, 1500 credits
Gatling SentryHigh rate of fire turretLevel 5
Mortar SentryLong-range explosive turretLevel 8
Guard DogCombat drone with a rifleLevel 10
Autocannon SentryRapid fire anti-armor turretLevel 13
Rocket SentryAnti-vehicle automated turretLevel 15
EMS Mortar SentryShock mortar turretLevel 20

This is how you can unlock all the Stratagems in Helldivers 2. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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