The Destiny 2 Guardian Games event is now live and the winning class will have its statue next to Zavala for the rest of the year. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can unlock the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun during Destiny 2 Guardian Games.


How To Unlock Heir Appratent In Destiny 2

If you head over to Eva you will see the weapon at the top but it is locked. In order to unlock it, you need to get the Class Act triumph. In order to get the triumph, you need to obtain any 7 guardian games triumphs. You can pick the ones that you can easily complete.

The weapon comes with Heavy Slug Thrower which allows you to spin the barrel of the weapon. The weapon only fires when the barrel is spinning at full speed. Another perk that this weapon has is Armor of the Colossus. This creates an arc shield around you when you are at full health and the barrel of the weapon is at full speed.

Heir Apparent Destiny 2


The following are some of the triumphs that you can complete in order to get the Class Act triumph:

  • Star Athlete – Complete all triumphs for Guardian Games 2020.
  • Renowned – Collect laurels by using super, grenade and charged melee.
  • Gold Medalist – Redeem 30 gold medals during the event.
  • Show your Colors – Earn points by completing Guardian Games bounties
  • Quintuple Threat – During the guardian games redeem a gold medal for the crucible, gambit, strikes, destinations and forges.
  • Represent – Defeat enemies in strikes and nightfalls during the event.
  • Medalist – During the Guardian Games redeem a medal.

This is how you can get the Heir Apparent exotic machine gun during the Destiny 2 guardian games event. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Destiny 2 Guardian Games guide. You can also check out our Destiny 2 guides hub for content.


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