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Hanya Ascension And Trace Materials In Honkai: Star Rail


You need to collect plenty of Honkai Star Rail Hanya materials which means a ton of grind, running around, and going quests. The starting point is knowing what materials to get and how much they cost. Our Honkai Star Rail materials list offers everything you need to know about Ascension and Trace materials of Hanya.

Hanya’s items are similar to the ones we used to level up Himeko and Seele so you might already have some of her Ascension materials in your inventory.

Hanya’s Ascension Materials List

To get Hanya from level one to level 70, players need various Ascension materials at each level:

  • Level 20: 5 Artifex’s Module, 4,000 Credits
  • Level 30: 10 Artifex’s Module, 8,000 Credits
  • Level 40: 6 Artifex’s Cogwheel, 3 Netherworld Token, 16,000 Credits
  • Level 50: 9 Artifex’s Cogwheel, 7 Netherworld Token, 40,000 Credits
  • Level 60: 6 Artifex’s Gyreheart, 20 Netherworld Token, 80,000 Credits
  • Level 70: 9 Artifex’s Gyreheart, 35 Netherworld Token, 160,000 Credits​​​​.

The total materials for Ascension include:

  • 15 Artifex’s Module
  • 15 Artifex’s Cogwheel
  • 15 Artifex’s Gyreheart
  • 65 Netherworld Token
  • 308,000 Credits​​.

Two Ways To get Artifex’s Module items

Players can find Artifex’s Module items by defeating specific entranced enemies in the Xianzhou Luofu region. The enemies known for dropping these items include the Golden Cloud Toad, Illumination Dragonfish, and Obedient Dracolion. These enemies are commonly found in the Divination Commission and surrounding areas, as well as in the Simulated Universe.

An easier and more consistent method to acquire Artifex’s Module, along with Cogwheel and Gyreheart items, is by sending characters on daily assignments. Setting the assignment duration to the maximum and selecting two suitable characters for the task typically yields a significant number of these items each day.

Where to Find Netherworld Token

Netherworld Tokens are a crucial ascension material for Hanya in “Honkai: Star Rail.”

Shape of Perdition Stagnant Shadow Fight is a primary source of Netherworld Tokens. It unlocks after players complete the main storyline in the Luofu region, specifically upon reaching the Fyxestroll Gardens. For players who need Netherworld Tokens more immediately and do not wish to wait for the Shape of Perdition Stagnant Shadow fight, there is an alternative. Unwanted boss items can be transmuted into Netherworld Tokens using the synthesis menu. This option provides a way to repurpose materials that are otherwise not needed.

Hanya’s Trace Level-Up Materials List

To fully level up Hanya’s Traces, you need the following Traces:

  • 3,000,000 Credits
  • 41 Artifex’s Module
  • 56 Artifex’s Cogwheel
  • 58 Artifex’s Gyreheart
  • 18 Harmonic Tune
  • 69 Ancestral Hymn
  • 139 Stellaris Symphony
  • 12 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • 8 Tracks of Destiny

These materials are essential for enhancing Hanya’s talent, skill, and ultimate abilities. It is important to note that other Erudition characters may also require some of these materials, so strategic planning is recommended​​.

For individual Trace enhancement (excluding Hanya’s basic attack), the materials include:

  • 9 Artifex’s Module
  • 13 Artifex’s Cogwheel
  • 7 Artifex’s Gyreheart
  • 3 Harmonic Tune
  • 15 Ancestral Hymn
  • 30 Stellaris Symphony
  • 2 Tracks of Destiny
  • 3 Regret of Infinite Ochema
  • 652,000 Credits​​.

Three Ways To get Harmonic Tune and Infinite Ochema

Players can earn Harmonic Tune by successfully defeating enemy waves in the Bud of Harmony Crimson Calyx. Engaging in these battles is a direct way to accumulate Harmonic Tunes needed for various upgrades.

A more relaxed approach to acquiring Harmonic Tune is through the Embers Exchange Store. Players can exchange 12 Undying Embers for 2 Harmonic Tunes. To obtain more Undying Embers, players can warp characters or light cones, which are activities commonly engaged in during gameplay​​​​.

The Regret of Infinite Ochema material drops from the weekly Echo of War boss fight. This battle is against Phantylia, the Undying, located in the Scalegorge Waterscape map. To unlock this Echo of War, players need to complete the Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant Trailblaze Mission. This boss fight is a crucial event in the game, particularly for players aiming to gather these rare materials​​.

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