Legendary Difficulty in Halo Reach is the epitome of difficult content from Bungie-era of Halo games. It’s hard, unforgiving, and requires you to remain patient throughout the entirety of the campaign. And while the purpose of the guide is to help you breeze through the Legendary Difficulty, it’s equally relevant on other difficulty settings as well.


Halo Reach Legendary Difficulty

If you’re new to Halo, I’d highly recommend completing the game on any difficulty before diving into Legendary Difficulty. Doing this will help you get a feel of the game’s mechanics, weapons, and strategies that will go a long way while playing on the highest difficulties. Successfully completing the game on Legendary will help you unlock “A Monument to All your Sins” achievement.

1. Utilize Friendly AI

In some of the missions, you’ll be accompanied by some friendly AI units whom you’ll be able to send ahead to scout an area or to simple take the aggro from you. Try to stay back and let them do the work.

2. Cover is More Important than You Think!

While it holds true for most of the difficulties in the game, the importance of cover can’t be undermined on Legendary Difficulty. There isn’t any reason to be reckless because one misstep will take you further back. Therefore, try to stay back, have a long-ranged weapon, and pick off enemies one by one from a safe distance.

3. Always Go for Headshots

When playing on Legendary, you should always try to score as many headshots as possible. This tip goes hand in hand with the one above. More often than not, a couple of headshots should do quick work on infantry units.

Since you can’t directly tap on Jackals’ heads, you should always try to one-tap their exposed arm to stagger them followed by a quick headshot. It should eliminate them. As I said above, the name of the game on Legendary is patient so you’ll have to rely on such tactics.

4. Recommended Abilities

While all this comes down to personal preference, there are some abilities that work better than the others, especially on Legendary. When it comes to recommended abilities, you should almost always try to run Drop Shield unless you really need sprint.

As for other abilities, there isn’t something that will really make a difference on higher difficulties. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with other abilities if you’re comfortable with them.

5. Best Weapons to Use

You almost always have to have a Plasma Pistol. Aside from it, you should also consider equipping something that can allow you to one-tap enemies from a distance. There are many options to choose from. You can go with something like a Sniper Rifle, DMR, Needle Rifle, Magnum, etc.

When it comes to dealing with Elites, you should run behind the nearest corner, charge up your Plasma Pistol and then finish them off with your long-ranged weapon. This has to the best way of dealing with Elites who can cause you a lot of frustration if not dealt with quickly. Let’s talk about dealing with other enemy types now.

You’ll come across some areas filled with Brutes. In these situations, you should consider swapping your Plasma Pistol to something like a DMR or Needler Rifle and make quick work of them. It should take 2 DMR shots and around 4-6 Needler Rifle bodyshots to kill them. Choose whatever you think suits you the best.

Hopefully, these Legendary Difficulty Tips and Tricks will help you solo the campaign without running into any trouble. For more on Halo Reach, check out our Datapads Locations Guide, Halo Multiplayer 101 Guide, and How to Rank Up Fast Guide.