While there are some collectibles in Halo Reach we do not consider Data Pads “collectibles.” Halo Reach Dat Pads are readables you can find across the game and they shed some light on the lore and tell you more details about the Halo Universe.


In our Data Pads Locations guide, we will discuss locations for every single Data Pad you can find in Halo Reach. Below you will find a full table where we have listed Data Pad locations. Each chapter features at least two data pads that can be found by completing different missions.

Halo Reach Data Pad Locations

Data Pad  Difficulty  Location 
Data Pad 01  Legendary  Winter Contingency 
Data Pad 02  Any  Winter Contingency 
Data Pad 03  Legendary  Oni: Sword Base 
Data Pad 04  Any  Oni: Sword Base 
Data Pad 05  Any  Nightfall 
Data Pad 06  Legendary  Nightfall 
Data Pad 07  Any  Tip of the Spear 
Data Pad 08  Legendary  Tip of the Spear 
Data Pad 09  Any  Long Night of Solace 
Data Pad 10  Legendary  Long Night of Solace 
Data Pad 11  Any  Exodus 
Data Pad 12  Legendary  Exodus 
Data Pad 13  Any  New Alexandria 
Data Pad 14  Legendary  New Alexandria 
Data Pad 15  Any  The Package 
Data Pad 16  Legendary  The Package 
Data Pad 17  Legendary  The Pillar of Autumn 
Data Pad 18  Any  The Pillar of Autumn 
Data Pad 19  Legendary  Lone Wolf 

 This marks the end of our Halo Reach Data Pad locations guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Season Points Farming and How to Level Up Fast guides.