The new ranked system in Halo is quite interesting but confusing a bit to understand for most players. There’s some great news for Halo players, which is that Halo Infinite features cross-play. This means that you can play together with your friends on a different platform and enjoy the game.

Halo Infinite Ranked System

The first that you need to know is that you are given ranked points when you win a match, and you lose some points upon losing the match. The ranked system in Halo Infinite is identical to most of the shooter games today. In Halo Infinite, the lowest rank is Bronze, and there are 6 sub-ranks in each rank that you need to climb and grind to get to the higher rank.

There are six levels in each rank, and whenever you win a match you are awarded a number of points. These points earn a new level and eventually a new rank. There is a total of six ranks in Halo Infinite and you need to grind through all of them to be on the top.

Players will need to grind through five ranks having six levels from Bronze to Diamond, and then they become Onyx. Onyx is the top rank; the top of the top players resides here and fight each other to become the number 1.

To enter the ranked system, you first need to play 10 matches to get placed in a rank based on their performance in each match. So, after getting placed in a rank, you need to grind through them all to reach the top.

This is everything that we have got on Halo Infinite Ranked System. Need more help? See Best Weapons, How to Get Grappling Hook.

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