Microsoft dropped Halo Infinite’s multiplayer before launch and gamers are loving it. One of the new additions to Halo Infinite is the grappling hook that players can use to propel themselves towards enemies or move across buildings. However, the grappling hook isn’t part of the loadout when players spawn. This Halo Infinite guide will help players with how to get the grappling hook.

How To Get Grappling Hook

Grappling Hook, like grenades or new weapons, can be found on a specific point on the map. Players will mostly find it in the middle of the map. However, almost every player on the map will be after it. So expect competition.

If someone else picks up the Grappling Hook, wait a while and it’ll respawn once the ring is full. Furthermore, players can only use it three times after picking it up. Players can also cut the rope mid-flight by pressing the jump button, allowing players more options.

That is all for our Halo Infinite guide on how to get a grappling hook. For more on the game, also see our Multiplayer Beginner’s Guide.

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