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Half-Life Alyx Weapon Upgrades – Cost, Options, How to Upgrade


For the first time in the history of Half-Life, you will be able to upgrade weapons. Half-Life Alyx brings this feature and while there aren’t many options available, you will be still be equipped well enough to take on the Alien threats. In terms of weapons, there is a pistol, shotgun, and SMG for you to use. You can upgrade these weapons using a Combine Fabricator.

Half-Life Alyx Weapon Upgrades

To upgrade your weapons you need to use the Combine Fabricator which is a piece of large machinery. You come across this machine a few times in Half-Life Alyx. You get to the Fabricator after solving a multitool puzzle.

Pistol Upgrades

The pistol is one of the first weapons you come across in the game. You can upgrade this weapon in Half-Life Alyx by adding different attachments that come at a cost.

Upgrade Description Cost
Reflex Sight Adds a display that highlights tactical targets 10
Burst Fire Adds a toggle between three-shot burst and single-fire 20
Bullet Reservoir Adds a reservoir that holds 10 additional bullets 30
Laser Sight Adds a reservoir that holds 10 additional bullets 35

Shotgun Upgrades

If you are looking for something to kill the headcrabs then this is your weapon. However, the weapon requires precision and ammo shells are how to find. Its upgrades are extremely powerful but are pretty expensive.

Upgrade Description Cost
Laser Sight Adds a laser projection for better targeting 10
Double Shot Adds the option to fire a second shot immediately after the first 25
Autoloader Adds a mechanical shell feeder to quickly load the shotgun 30
Grenade Launcher Adds the ability to attach and launch grenades 40

SMG Upgrades

SMG is a powerful weapon that uses utilizes power cells. There are around 30 rounds in the gun and is very easy to use.

Upgrade Description Cost
Reflex Sight Adds a display that highlights tactical targets 15
Laser Sight Adds a laser sight for better targeting 25
Extended Magazine Allows multiple power cells to be loaded into the weapon 30

In addition to these weapons and weapon upgrades in Half-Life Alyx, you have access to grenades. There are two types of grenades in Half-Life Alyx, Combine Grenade and Xen Grenade.

  • Combine Grenade  –  This is the standard grenade you get access to. It is compatible with your shotgun’s grenade launcher.
  • Xen Grenade – You get these from Xen Creatures. Xen Grenades are explosive orbs.

That’s all you need to know about the weapon upgrades and their cost in Half-Life Alyx. If you need more help with the game check out the Half-Life Alyx Wiki.

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