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Half-Life Alyx Multitool Puzzles Guide – All Solutions


Half-Life Alyx, like previous games in the series, features some puzzles that the player needs to solve to progress. Some of the puzzles that you need to figure out while others require you to open doors, and operate machinery. In our Half-Life puzzles guide, we will explain all the solutions to the multitool puzzles.

Half-Life: Alyx Multitool Puzzles

In this section of the guide, we’ll discuss how to solve every puzzle in Half-Life Alyx. There are 6 puzzles in the game, each with a different solution.

Electrical Connection Puzzle Solution

There are multiple electrical puzzles in the game and this is where the Multitool of Alyx comes in handy. Throughout the game you will find sections where power is off; either for a device or an area. To solve electrical puzzles in Half-Life Alyx you simply need to locate the electrical panel, button, or mechanism and require a connection.  Bring your multitool over it and the wires will start glowing. Trac the glow along the wall so find sections that require rotating and press the trigger on the tool to solve the puzzles. The idea is to reroute power along the path.

Laser Web Align Puzzle Solution

Admittedly one of the toughest puzzles in Half-Life Alyx. In the Laser Web Puzzle, you need to catch glowing white orbs with your multitool and reposition them in a way that the red lasers shooting out of them will align with the red orbs. Make sure all red orbs intersect with the red laser to solve the Laser Web Puzzle. If you have done so successfully, when all the lasers are touching red orbs the path will turn blue.

Color Matching Puzzle Solution

Matching Puzzle is pretty easy to solve among all of the multitool puzzles in Half-Life Alyx. Here, you rotate a glowing orb to match different colored shapes. The process is pretty simple but you might have to turn the orb to connect certain markers.

Orb Laser  Puzzle Solution

In this puzzle, you need to guide a laser through a tube to align with a red orb on a different axis. You use your hand to grab and rotate the orb until the laser goes through it, adjust the orientation until the laser goes out the other end in a way that it’ll intersect with the red orb.

Dynamic Maze Puzzle Solution

The dynamic maze multitool puzzle in Half-Life Alyx requires you to bring the lock and key points together by choosing either one using your multitool. Now guide it through the dynamic maze by activating the multitool over the area you want to control.

Then trace it along the face of the orb. Use the other hand to rotate the orb. You will come across this type of puzzle a few times in the game. Each time the puzzle gets harder and requires more precision.

Laser Tripmine Puzzle Solution

To get over the tripmine you can throw an object at it or shoot it. Another solution is to disarm the laser tripmine using the multitool in Half-Life Alyx. Get close to the tripmine and bring the tool over it to trigger the puzzle. You need to guide an orb through a few hoops to solve the puzzle.

Cardboard Puzzle Solution

The solution to the cardboard box is discussed in a separate guide.

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