When playing Hades and its The Long Winter update you must be aware of the main mode of attack. In this case, some interesting god-like weapons are your main defense against the dark forces of evil. Hades features 5 different weapons that can later be upgraded to alter their stats and more. However, to use these weapons and later upgrade them too, you must first understand how to unlock these items, yeah? This is where our Hades weapons unlock guide comes into play.

How to Unlock Weapons (Infernal Arms)

There are 5 main weapons in the game right now and each comes with its own unique style and stats. Each Hades weapon also has a number of aspects that you can unlock using Titan Blood.

What Is Titan Blood

One of the many Artifacts in the game, Titan Blood is a currency used in Hades. You can earn this currency in the Underworld. Just like Diamonds and Ambrosia, these are resources earned through Bounties. Titan Blood is primarily used to unlock different Aspects of Hades weapons. You can unlock aspects in the Courtyard of the House of Hades which allows you to customize the Infernal Arms to your liking.

Unlock Stygian Blade

There is nothing you need to do in order to unlock this weapon. The Stygian Blade is unlocked by default in Hades. Stygian Blade swings wide and directionally. The special creates a burst around your character but keep in mind that this leaves you stationary for a moment.

Unlock Heart-Seeking Bow

You can unlock Heart-Seeking Bow weapon for 2 Chthonic Keys. The weapon is used for ranged attacks that deal damage at a distance. The primary fire can be modified to increase range and damage. Release the bow at the right time for extra damage. Heart-Seeking bow special sprays arrows in a cone.

Unlock Shield of Chaos

This Hades weapon is unlocked with 3 Chthonic Keys. The main attack of this weapon is a swing that hits in an arc in front and has a knockback effect on the enemy. Hold the attack button to shield damage from the front and release it to do a shield bash. Shield of Chaos special makes the shield bounce between enemies before coming back to you.

Unlock Eternal Spear

The weapon is unlocked for 4 Chthonic Keys. Eternal Spear does exactly what the name suggests, it stabs and stabs at long-range. It can deal a decent amount of damage in a wide radius. Eternal Spear special allows you to throw the arrow at the enemies, activate the special again to call it back to you.

Unlock Adamant Rail

You will need 8 Chthonic Keys to unlock this Hades weapon but only after all other weapons are unlocked. The weapon as a manual and auto-fire mode. It depends on whether you hold or press the button. The special is powerful as it launched a grenade to bombard the selected area.

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