Hades weapon upgrades work somewhat differently than other games. That’s why we are here to explain how to upgrade weapons in Hades. To upgrade your weapons you need something called the “Daedalus Hammer.” In our Hades weapon upgrades guide each of the five main weapon upgrades will be discussed.

Weapons Upgrades and the Deadlus Hammer

As I mentioned above, upgrades for unlocked weapons require the Daedalus Hammer. Now the question is, how to get the Daedalus Hammer? You get this Hades artifact by clearing rooms and it might drop as a reward. It can appear in the first room run or you can also go and purchase the hammer for 200 Obols from Charon, the in-game vendor. You can find Charon at the Temple of Styx. During the run, you can only purchase two hammers but their effect will stack.

The effect of the hammer depends on the weapon being upgraded. Each weapon reacts and changes differently when upgraded. Some changes are minor but other upgrades may completely change the weapon’s playstyle in Hades. All weapon upgrades in Hades adjust, change, and improve weapon Attack or Special. It is to be noted that Zagreus’s cast remains unchanged.

Stygian Blade Upgrades

There are 10 upgrades for Stygian Blade. Each new upgrades changes stats and how the weapon plays.

  1. World Splitter: Your main Attack is replaced with a chop that does 90 base DMG. This can’t be mixed with Fury Blade or Cruel Thrust.
  2. Flurry Slash: Hold the attack button to trigger rapid blows that deal 25 base DMG/hit. This can’t be mixed with World Splitter or Cruel Thrust.
  3. Super Nove: The weapon’s special now covers a wide area and does +20% more DMG.
  4. Double Nova: Your special now targets are a much smaller area for precise strikes. It also won’t have the knockback effect.
  5. Double Edge: The dash attack will now hit twice and does +30% more DMG.
  6. Armor Slayer:  The attack now does +300% more DMG to armor.
  7. Cruel Thrust: The Thrust now does +200% more DMG with a 40% chance of a critical hit.
  8. Piercing Wave: The attack shoots a wave that is able to pierce through the enemies. It does 20 DMG.
  9. Cursed Slash:  Attacks restore HP for 5% of DMG, but you have -70% HP.
  10. Shadow Slash: Attacks to +200% more DMG from behind.

Eternal Spear Upgrades

The Eternal Spear has 10 upgrades that help the weapon get stronger and better. It deals more DMG and gains new moves.

  1. Extending Jab:  Main attack range increased with +40% more DMG.
  2. Multi Skewer: The special bounces to up to 7 enemies and does +30% extra DMG with each bounce. The weapon upgrade can’t be combined with Exploding Launcher.
  3. Breaking Skewer: Special does +400% DMG to armor.
  4. Vicious Skewer: Special does+50% more DMG, and you get a +50% Crit Chance on recovery.
  5. Exploding Launcher: Special is switched with a shot that does 60 DMG in a limited area.
  6. Massive Spin: Spin attack does +125% more DMG and hits a much larger radius. The upgrade can’t be combined with Flurry Jab.
  7. Quick Spin: Spin attack now charges and recovers faster.
  8. Serrated Edge: Dash hits 3 times but with -20% range.
  9. Charged Skewer: Charge skewer for up to +200% DMG by holding special.
  10. Flurry Jab: Hold attack for rapid strikes but you can’t perform a spin attack.

Shield of Chaos Upgrades

Shield of Chaos has 8 upgrades in Hades. Each upgrades as a little something to the mix and improves your trusty tool to perform better on the battlefield.

  1. Dread Flight: The special hits up to 6 enemies before it comes back.
  2. Sudden Rush: Faster Bull Rush charge, no knockback effect.
  3. Pulverizing Blow: Attack hits two times, no knockback effect.
  4. Dashing Wallop: Dash does +50% DMG in a larger area.
  5. Explosive Return: Catch to deal 60 DMG to nearby enemies.
  6. Minotaur Rush: Power Shot added to Bull Rush.
  7. Armor Shredder: Bull Rush does +400% more damage to armor.
  8. Charged Shot: Bull Rush fires a shot with 80 DMG.

Adamant Rail Upgrades

One of the Infernal Arms that can be unlocked with 8 Skeleton Keys once all other weapons are unlocked. It is a ranged weapon that deals a lot of DMG. There 10 upgrades for this Hades weapon, each more interesting than the last.

  1. Flurry Fire: Faster and accurate attacks, increased (+6) ammo capacity. Can’t be mixed with Spread Fire or Infinity Chamber.
  2. Spread Fire: Short-range spread of 5 bullets. Can’t be mixed with Flurry Fire or Infinity Chamber.
  3. Delta Chamber: 3-shot burst, no reload required.
  4. Piercing Fire: Pierce effect and +50% DMG to armor.
  5. Triple Bomb: Use special 3 times in a row.
  6. Rocket Bomb: Special replaced with a rocket that does 80 DMG.
  7. Inescapable Blast: Enemies in special radius are 75% slower.
  8. Hazard Bomb: Special does +100% DMG to enemies around you
  9. Cluster Bomb: Special fires 5 bombs, but -50%DMG for each shot.
  10. Concentrated Fire: Each uninterrupted hit to the enemy does +1 DMG.

Heart-Seeking Bow Upgrades

The final weapon upgrades are for Heart-Seeking bow, an Infernal Arm that can be unlocked with 2 Chthonic Keys. There are 9 different weapon upgrades for this Infernal Arm from Hades.

  1. Twin Shot: Fire two shots but with reduced range. Can’t be mixed with Triple shot.
  2. Sniper Shot: +300% more DMG to far away enemies.
  3. Explosive Shot: +300% more DMG within an area, slow charge. Can’t be mixed with Flurry Shot.
  4. Flurry Shot: Hold to shoot rapid shots, can’t perform Power Shot. It can’t be combined with Perfect Shot and Explosive Shot.
  5. Piercing Barrage: Special pieces enemies and does +100% DMG to armor.
  6. Perfect Shot: Power Shot does +100% DMG. It can’t be combined with Flurry Shot.
  7. Relentless Barrage: +4 shoots during Special.
  8. Triple Shot: 3 spread shots. It can’t be mixed with Twin Shot.
  9. Chain Shot: Attack bounces up to 3 enemies, +15% DMG does to each.

This is all we have for your in connection Hades weapon upgrades.

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