Hades, the Action RPG is quickly becoming one of the most popular PC games on Steam right now. If you are new to the experience you may want to get a better understanding of the game’s controls. That’s where we come in, Hades The Long Winter basic controls guide features everything you need to know about the game’s controls.

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 01:31 am

Hades Basic Controls

The gameplay of the game is based on going through randomly-generated areas and taking down enemies with brute force and strategy. Rewards await in each area you clear, you could get a Boon from the gods that will help you upgrade your abilities or you could get a Daedalus Hammer to upgrade your weapons. There are many other aspects to Hades and all handled by the following keys on Xbox and PC.

Keyboard  Xbox  Effect 
WSAD  L  Move Up/Left/Down/Right 
E  RB  Interact 
G  RT  Gift 
Left-Click  x  Attack 
Space  A  Dash 
Right-Click  B  Cast 
C  LB  Open Codex 
Tab  LT  Boon info 

 Hades basic controls are pretty simple to understand still if you were having a hard time understanding what to do and how to control your character, well, now you know. This marks the end of our basic controls guide for Hades The Long Winter. Do check out our Hades guides section for more help with the game.

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