Nectar is one of the artifacts in Hades and Ambrosia is one of the currencies in the game. You will need Nectar in order to access Keepsakes, Companions, and romance options. You will need Ambrosia to romance Thanatos or Megaera. In this Hades guide, we are going to go over how you can farm Nectar and Ambrosia.

How To Get Nectar And Ambrosia In Hades

The following is how you can get Nectar and Ambrosia in Hades:

Wretched Broker and Charon

Wretched Broker and Charon will often have Nectar. You can buy it from them. Wretched Broker will also have Amborisa which you can buy.


Boon such as Poseidon’s Sunken Treasure will give you extra Nectar.


You can find nectar by simply exploring the underworld. Nectar can drop at the end of each chamber.

Fated List of Minor Prophecies

There are 14 different prophecies that you can complete in order to earn Ambrosia in Hades. They are as follows:

Prophecy Name Challenge Ambrosia Rewarded
Night and Darkness Level up Nyx and Chaos’s affinity, then upgrade the Administrative Chamber for 8888 Darkness at the House Contractor 4
Divided by Death Reunite Achilles with Patroclus. Level up their affinity until Patroclus gives you a message to Achilles, then follow the story to complete the quest. You will need to pay the Contractor seven diamonds. 4
Musician and Muse Reunite Orpheus and Eurydice. Level the affinity of both NPCs to start the quest. 2
End to Torment Aid Sisyphus by leveling up his affinity. Talk to Megaera and Hades about his sentence, then pay the Contractor seven diamonds. 4
Sea-God’s Spite Take on the Pact of Punishment in the courtyard, then defeat Theseus after he calls on Poseidon for aid. 3
A Friendly Wager Level up Hermes affinity until he urges you to fight Charon. Defeat Charon twice after interacting with his coin bag to complete the quest. 3
Divine Pairings Use all 28 duo boons. 12
The Holy King Unlock the Aspect of Arthur for the Stygian Blade. 2
The Preserver’s Avatar Unlock the Aspect of Rama for the Heart-Seeking Bow. 2
The Dragon’s Rival Unlock the Aspect of Beowulf for the Shield of Chaos. 2
The Dawn Bringer Unlock the Aspect of Lucifer for the Adamant Rail. 2
The Fated Saint of War Unlock the Aspect of Guan Yu for the Eternal Spear. 2
Close at Heart Earn every keepsake and equip each one at least once. Earning them all will cost 23 nectar. 2
The Gift of Song Increase affinity with Orpheus until he teaches you to sing. May require you to increase affinity with Eurydice and Dionysus.

This is how you can farm Nectar and Ambrosia in Hades. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can get the true ending in the game.

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