Community feedback is something that developers can often neglect when making a game but fortunately, the developers of Hades did not make the same mistake. The devs revealed that a major portion of the changes to the game was inspired by the community.

Writer and designer Greg Kasavin mentioned that a major portion of the changes made to the game was inspired directly by the feedback provided by the community. Here is what you had to say regarding the matter:

If you look down our patch lists, I would estimate that 30 to 40 percent of our changes are inspired directly by community feedback,

Developer Supergiant has learned about the value of open conversation with the community. Not many developers are open to listening to what the community has got to say about their games but this is a very nice sight to see indeed. Greg went on to mention the following in this regard:

We’ve approached it in a very structured way, so that not only is it good for us, but the people submitting feedback can rest assured that they’re not just screaming into the void. We may not act on everything, but we’re going to read absolutely everything that’s sent to us. They can at least have that assurance.

Greg went on to talk about how the developer wanted to make the roguelike style of play accessible to a wider audience. The following is what he had to say regarding the matter:

Our goal with Hades has always been to take what we think is really wonderful and thrilling about the Roguelike style of play and make it more broadly available to a wider audience.

Let us know what you think about developers of Hades making changes to the game according to feedback from the community.

Hades is a great game to play and if you are interested in checking it out then you can check out our weapons guide to find out how you can unlock all the weapons in the game.

Source: Edge Magazine Issue February 2020

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