The word boon literally means a thing that is helpful or beneficial to a traveler during his journey. So, you probably already get the idea – they’re basically perks that increase your attack, defense, speed, etc. depending on the boon you choose. Boons increase and improve your arsenal of weapons to maximize game progress. In this guide, we’ve provided an overview of all the boons in Hades.

Hades Boons

The start of every run, the sigil of a random Olympian god will pop-up in front of you and upon interacting with the symbol, you engage in a conversation with that god.

The god then offers you three different boons out of which you can choose one to help you out on the run. These sigils of Olympian gods can also spawn during a run in the Chambers of Hell.

Also, one thing you can do to increase the chances of gods spawning during runs is to gift them Nectar.

Not only will this improve the probability of a god spawning in a boon room but they’ll also reward you with different Keepsakes or Companions.

Type of Boons

The different gods available and the type boons they offer is given in the table below:

Deity Boon Type
Aphrodite Offers boons that inflict her signature curse “weak” that improve Zagreus’ survivability and make enemies more vulnerable to attacks
Ares Offers physical and violent boons such as “Doom” which increases attack damage on enemies
Artemis Offers boons which improve Cast abilities and critical damage
Athena Offers boons which improve defensive abilities and attack deflection
Chaos Offers boons which trade a debuff for a certain number of encounters in exchange for greater power
Demeter Offers boons that cause enemies to slow down and shatter
Dionysus Offers boons revolving around “hangover” which slow the enemy down by stunning them (makes them drunk)
Hermes Offers boons related to speed improvement
Zeus Offers boons related to dealing damage to enemies; lightning bolts and chain lightning
Poseidon Offers boons which increase the damage of your abilities and knocks enemies back.

These are all the boons that you can get in Hades. To learn more about the game, you can check out our detailed Hades wiki guides.

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