Hades Artifacts are special items that drop as rewards for winning Underworld Encounters. Artifacts are used for current escape attempts or are useful to get permanent benefits for future attempts. There are a few different Hades Artifacts such as Currency Artifacts, Bounty Artifacts, and there are other artifacts.

Hades Artifacts

There are two primary types of artifacts in Hades- Currency and Bounty. The remaining are listed at the bottom of this page.

Currency Artifacts

Currency artifacts are used to purchase weapons and upgrade abilities at various points in the game.

Name  Description 
 Chthonic Key  This Key is used to unlock weapons and various abilities.
 Darkness  The item lets you upgrade abilities at the Mirror of Night
 Gemstones  The item is used to renovate the Underworld and the House of Hades
 Nectar The item is used as gift for NPCs to increase your affinity with them and unlocking Keepsakes

 Bounty Artifacts

Name  Description 
 Ambrosia  The item is used as a gift for NPCs to increase your affinity with them and unlocking Companions – (Ambrosia can only be gifted to characters you have done favors for.) 
 Diamond  Used for expensive renovations from the House Contractor
 Titan Blood  Used to unlock and upgrade Aspects of weapons

 Other Artifacts

Name  Description 
 Centaur Heart  Increases max health by 25 for the current escape attempt
 Charon’s Obol  Used to purchase consumables such as Artifacts, and Boons
 Daedalus Hammer  Used for modification to the current weapon, for that escape attempt. 
 Pom of Power  Increase the effectiveness of an existing Boon
 Red Onion  Restores 1 HP – (Only obtained when failing a Perfect Clear challenge in Erebus.) 

 These are all of the artifacts in Hades. Hope this helps you better understand unique artifacts, currency artifacts, and other types.

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