One of the four main shrines in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is Gutanbac. However, it is probably the easiest one to complete but it teaches players an important ability – Ascend aka the ability to Rise. There are only three puzzles in this shrine and one chest that you can open to get a random reward, usually, it is arrows.

In this guide, I will walk you through all Gutanbac Shrine puzzles in Zelda Tears to the Kingdom.

How to Solve Gutanbac Shrine Puzzles in Zelda TotK

As I mentioned, there are three puzzles you need to solve and they are quite simple. As you enter the shrine you will get access to the Ascend ability that allows you to travel throw walls vertically.

Puzzle #1: Select the Ascend ability from the ability wheel and go stand under the platform in front. Press A to Ascend and reach the top of the platform.

Puzzle #2: The second puzzle works the same way but this time there are two platforms in front of you. Go under the one to your right, Press A after selecting the Ascend ability and you will reach the top.

Note: You can go to your right and use the grab ability to push out the two crates to reach the chest above with Ascend ability.

Puzzle #3: Before you can move to the final puzzle there is a bridge tied to the ground with two ropes. Cut the ropes with a stone axe or sword to lower the bridge. Go under the bridge and Ascend above it. Now for the final puzzle, you will see a moving platform in front of your and an idle platform above it.

You need to time your Ascend just right by standing under the moving platform. Once you are standing on the moving platform, another test of your Ascend timing is to use Ascend when both platforms are aligned.

Gutanbac Shrine Video Walkthrough

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