Gunfire Reborn Mobile is a Rogue-lite FPS game developed by Duoyi Games. The mystery oriental style gaming aesthetic and the passionate shooting experience in-game have won the love of millions of gamers. A new major update of the game is now available which will introduce the new hero “Tao”, as well as the new game mode “Reincarnation”. Other updates include new weapons and new scrolls are included as well. Come log on to the game and get “Tao” to start your thrilling journey with the blossom and sword!

Highly-recommend Mobile FPS with a Smooth Shooting Experience
Since day one when Gunfire Reborn Mobile launched on the App Store, it was recommended in the Today App recommendation section, and has always maintained a steady performance. Until now, the ratings of Gunfire Reborn Mobile are 4.7 on App Store, and 4.3 on Google Play. The reputation and the quality of the game is guaranteed.

Update Highlights

New Paid Hero Tao Available
Tao, the upcoming new hero in the major update, is a cute pink bunny in appearance, and characteristically she is a sword master who has her own persistence in chivalry. Tao has a specific combat style with her fly swords and fatal blossom as well. The ascension tree of Tao is separated into three routes, which specific content and gameplay are waiting for adventurers themselves to discover. Players can unlock Tao by in-game purchase.

New Reincarnation Mode
After accomplishing the Nightmare difficulty, the Reincarnation will be unlocked. There are 7 levels in Reincarnation, each will be unlocked after finishing the previous one. Which level is your limit? Considering the difficulty of reincarnation is high, therefore, two brand new NPCs have been added in the mode to support the adventurers, and they are:

  • Spiritual Remnant – Who will show up at the entrance of each scene, you can consume Soul Essence to obtain a [spiritual blessing] to change the gameplay and help with players’ fight!
  • Phantom Peddler – Randomly appear in the level, you can get enhanced weapons and scrolls by consuming the soul essence!

New Items and Weapons

There are 5 brand-new weapons in the major update, including 4 ranged weapons – Crimson Firescale, Dual Fang, Talisman, Bloody Drill, and a melee weapon with ranged skill – Poisonous Ghost. With these new weapons, the combat strategy and experience will be more diverse.

All these weapons can be unlocked by eliminating a certain amount of specific enemies (if the requirement is satisfied before the update, the weapon will be automatically unlocked after the update).

Besides that, 7 more occult scrolls are included in the update as well. 4 scrolls will be automatically unlocked after the update – Rich’s Privileges, No Retreat, Evil-Devouring Sword, Good and Evil. The others, Surprise Bonus, Sucker Punch, and Enduring Caster, will be unlocked after finishing specific requirements. With the combination of new weapons and new scrolls, Gunfire Reborn Mobile will bring a new level of shooting experience.

Let us know what you think about the new Gunfire Reborn Mobile update and whether or not you are interested in checking out the new content.

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