How To Beat Dweller-in-Darkness In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy Dweller-in-Darkness

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest game from developer Eidos Montreal and is seeing a great critical reception. Like many games, Guardians of the Galaxy features lots of interesting boss fights and Dweller-in-Darkness is one of them. This Guardians Of The Galaxy guide will help players with how to defeat Dweller-in-Darkness.

How To Beat Dweller-in-Darkness

Players will encounter Dweller-in-Darkness after escaping from Lady Hellbender’s vault. To defeat Dweller-in-Darkness, players need to be smart and wait for the opportune moment to strike. At first, dodge Dweller-in-Darkness’s attacks and try to stagger it.

Once Dweller-in-Darkness is staggered, use your special moves to deal damage. After that, it’ll dunk its tentacles in a liquid on either side of the arena. Freeze those tentacles by pressing R1 on the controller. After that, players will get a prompt. Press the button and Gamora will cut off the tentacles.

Keep fighting and eventually, players will also have to deal with some small enemies too. Once you have taken them out and dealt enough damage, another prompt will appear. Press the button and Gamora will land the killing blow and Dweller-in-Darkness will be defeated.

That is all for our Guardians Of The Galaxy guide with tips on how to defeat Dweller-in-Darkness. For more on the game, also see How to Beat Thanos and How To Get Components And Advanced Components.

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