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Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 7 Collectibles Locations Guide


The 7th Chapter of the Guardians of the Galaxy game has 10 collectible items you can find. They spread across the level at different points. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all chapter 7 collectibles.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 7 Collectibles Locations

All the collectibles that you can obtain in chapter 7 of Guardians of the Galaxy are listed below:

Location #1 (Warning)

You will enter a hall with anti-gravity, across this hallway you will unlock electronic elements for your guns. After you have unlocked this element, go back through the hall and shoot the circuit to open the door forward. Passing this door will bring you to a red-lighted area, and you can find this archive on the right side of this area.

Location #2 (Cadet Gold’s Attendance)

From the red area continue towards the stairs and pass through the blue obstacles by crouching. Now, go to the right side and use Nikki’s personal device to open the locked door there. Nikki’s key is obtained from chapter 2, so if you want to access this door, you should have that key with you from chapter 2. You will notice some weird substance, destroy it and pass through the gap. Follow this path to the end, and you will find the archive in the end on a grate.

Location #3 (Drax’s Rap Sheet)

Now after collecting the last archive look up and you will see some grey substance. You need to shoot this substance and some crates will fall from above. You can climb on these crates to reach the above floor. There are two locations for this item. A new location was added after patch 1.02. So, the updated location of this item is when you reach this floor, you need to pass through the red corridor to some rafters from which you can overlook the last archive as well. This is where you will get this Guardian collectible called Drax’s Rap Sheet.

Location #4 (Chewbacca Toy)

This item is already obtained during a cutscene in Nikki’s room.

Location #5 (So Many Thoughts)

This item is also found in Nikki’s room on a red pillow on the left side of the room.

Location #6 (Urgent Quarantine Warning)

This item can be found as soon as you come out of Nikki’s room and look on your right side. There are two yellow crates, this archive is found on top of these crates.

Location #7 (Galactic War Commendation)

This item is found in Ko-Rel’s office. This object can be found when you are prompted to search Ko-Rel’s office for clues while rocket hacks the computer. This item is on the left of the rocket’s table.

Location #8 (Upcoming Accuser Visit)

You need to go to the right room from Ko-Rels’ office. This is an archive is laying right beside the bed in that room.

Location #9 (Cycle Reminders)

Now, you will encounter a laser eye robot, the first one so far. After defeating this robot, you will go to the command center. You need to go to the left side of this room and find this archive on a desk there.

Locations #10 (Golden Shadows)

This archive is found on the right side of this same exact room (Control Center).

That’s the complete list of Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 7 collectibles. Need more help? See How to Beat Thanos, Chapter 5 Collectibles, Chapter 10 Collectibles, How to Beat Fin Fang Foom.

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