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Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6 Collectibles Locations Guide

The 6th Chapter of the Guardians of the Galaxy game has 9 collectible items that you can find. They are spread across the map for you to pick up. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all chapter 6 collectibles.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 6 Collectibles Locations

All the collectibles that you can obtain in chapter 6 of Guardians of the Galaxy are listed below:

Location #1 (Mant-Blows)

This archive is found in a bar on a table in Knowhere. You can find it in the bar after Drax and Gamora have left you and you meet Mantis after the cutscene. This will be on the table on your left in the bar when you enter it.

Location #2 (Overhead)

After collecting the above archive, leave the bar and move to your left. You will notice a weir machine with some colorful orbs, this is when you know that you’re going in the right direction. You will come across a robot NPC, there is a staircase behind this red robot. Go down the staircase, and head into the tunnel there, which is where you will find this archive.

Location #3 (Knowhere Lottery Ticket)

Now, you need to go back where you saw the red robot NPC, and move to the right. There will be some stairs going up, follow this path, and you will come across an egg-shaped machine. You can interact with it, and a robot face will appear. This robot is the lottery ticket seller, and you can purchase one for 1000 credits to add.

Location #4 (Nova Force Lock Disabler)

Now, after obtaining the lottery ticket turn to your right and keep moving until you come across a junk merchant. You can obtain Nova Force Lock Disabler from this merchant for 1500 credits.

Location #5 (Collector’s Emporium Doll)

Now, turn around from the last item location and you will see a big holograph. This is a face saying “Collector’s Emporium”. Go towards this hologram, and to the right there is a gift shop. You will need to purchase a doll for 2000 credits, but only purchase this if you have more than 10000 credits in your pocket. You will need to save at least 9000 credits to pay the fine in chapter 9.

Location #6 (Collector’s Emporium Ticket)

To obtain this item, you need to go to the entrance of the Collector’s Emporium. The ticket to Collector’s Emporium will cost you 5000 credits. There is an alternate way to get this ticket and save your credits. You can obtain this ticket by going to the bar with Drax and Gamora earlier when they were with you.

Location #7 (Skaggler Doll / Shoomy-Gorath Dangler / Plush Knowbody)

Now, exit the Collector’s Emporium and go to your left in the direction of the bar. Now, go up the stairs past the machine with the orbs in different colours. You will find a vending machine on this floor. You can purchase a plush toy from this machine by spending 750 of your credits for it. Upon spending 750 credits, the machine will give you a random toy. You should keep in mind that you will only get one toy per playthrough. This means that you will need to play this chapter thrice to get all three items in your inventory.

Location #8 (Nothing)

From the vending machine, go in your left direction. This is the balcony where you will find Drax and on the right side of this balcony, you will find this archive on the floor.

Location #9 (Egghead Reviews Spirit Tree)

From where you collected the last archive, look behind and go up the stairs and you will reach a new platform with a pink tree in the middle. You need to go to the other side of the platform behind the tree on the right side, and you will find this archive.

That’s the complete list of collectibles you can find in Chapter 6 of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Need more help? See Chapter 10 Collectibles, Chapter 7 Collectibles.

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