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Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 5 Collectibles Locations Guide


The 5th Chapter of the Guardians of the Galaxy game has 6 collectibles that you can obtain. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to find all Chapter 5 collectibles in the game.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 5 Collectibles

All the collectibles that you can obtain in chapter 5 of Guardians of the Galaxy are as follows:

Location #1 (Chitauri Sear-Cuffs)

When you start this chapter, just look in Star-Lord’s room. You will notice this item laying ring beside the bed, just interact with it and it’s all yours after dialogues.

This item will only be available if you picked it up back in chapter 3.

Location #2 (Assassin’s Ring)

Now, go to Gamora’s room, and you will find this ring lying on her bed. Just interact with the ring and go through all dialogues to add the ring to your inventory.

This item will only be available if you picked it up back in chapter 4.

Location #3 (The Golden Force)

Now, after collecting first two items, go to the waiting area. This area will have 4 counters, you need to go through the left door. After entering into the room from the left door, you will notice this item on a table in that room.

Location #4 (Cold Case File)

After the last location of the collectible, open the big gate to enter the hallway leading to a 2nd door. This big gate can be opened by rerouting the power operating the gate. After you have entered the second door, you will see the control centre with 5 computer machines in it. In this room, you will spot the item on the far-left side of the room.

Location #5 (Elevator A23)

After leaving the control center, go through the hallway next to you. After the hallways has ended you will enter an area lit up in red. You need to go to the right side and will spot the item by the railings there.

Location #6 (Suit Protocol)

Another archive was found in the blue room with a Centurion Armor in the middle. The archive will be found near the console.

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