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Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences Guide


Guardians of the Galaxy is an action-oriented game but your choices have some impact on the outcome. Each chapter in the game has 4-5 choices where Peter must decide what to say or do. In this guide, you will find all the details you need to know regarding Chapter 2 choices and consequences.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences

Double Down or Lie

Double Down: You can tell the other ship’s captain your life’s story and promise you’re not smuggling. At the same time, Drax will enter the room with crates of illegal goods. The captain then ignores your pleas.

Lie: You can tell the other ship’s captain that your navigation is to blame. Drax will enter the room with the crates and the captain threatens to arrest you.

Hide Creature or Hide Tech

Hide Creature: You can choose to hide the creature but Rocket will be disappointed because he wants the tech. This choice will result in a 7000 Units fine later in the store for smuggling illegal tech.

Hide Tech: If you hide the crate, Gamora won’t be happy and you will be fined 8000 Units. You will get homing rockets for your ship.

Make A Joke, Back Up Ko-Rel, Reactivate Elevator

Make a Joke: If you make a joke to Nikki and her mother it won’t sit well with the mother but Nikki will eventually give you the passkey to her room.

Back-Up Ko-Rel: If you choose to back up Ko-Rel, she says that no one leaves the elevator and Nikki says she can fit through. The choice will lead to Nikki losing her passkey.

Reactivate Elevator: If you try to stop the lockdown it will fail. Both women will be disappointed and question their trust in you.

Side With Nikki or Ko-Rel

Ko-Rel: If you side with Ko-Rel, Starlord will say that Ko-Rel has to know about the exploding ship. The choice will eventually lead to Nikki giving you her passkey.

Nikki: If you side with Nikki, Ko-Rel will tell her to empty her pockets to which Nikki says “no.”

Tell Ko-Rel the Truth, Divert Attention, Take the Blame

Tell Ko-Rel the Truth: If you tell Ko-Rel that Nikki has a passkey, she will make her give it up. However, Nikki will be upset with you.

Divert Attention: You can tell Ko-Rel that about your feelings but Nikki will doubt her trust in you but she will lose her key regardless. You learn that she made the key herself.

Take the Blame: If you take the blame for hacking the door, Nikki gives you her passkey.

Do the Match or Ignore It

Do the Match: Starlord will think Nikki is his daughter to which Ko-Rel says you haven’t changed a bit. You end up paying the fine in three cycles. Depending on your choice regarding the smuggling, you will either pay 7 or 8K Units.

Ignore It: If you ignore the math you have a conversation with the Wookie who decides to stay with Ko-Rel.

And these are all the choices you make during the second chapter of the game. Need more help? See How to Beat Thanos, How to Beat Blood Brothers, How to Get Components.

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