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Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 12 Collectibles Locations Guide


Chapter 12 of Guardians of the Galaxy game comprises 14 collectibles that you can collect and use later on in the game. However, you can lose these collectibles as you play through the game. When you select a chapter to play, you will notice that all the collectibles except for outfits are lost. You will have to collect all of them again. Although, there is a way to not lose them, so follow the guide to find out about Chapter 12 collectibles in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Note: If you do not want to lose your collectibles when you select the chapter, we recommend you save your progress manually after each chapter completion. This method will prevent the loss of collectibles through the chapter selection.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 12 Collectibles

All the collectibles that you can obtain in chapter 12 of Guardians of the Galaxy are as follows:

Location #1 (Mourning Candle)

A galactic Compendium item that you can get while you are on your spaceship. Just go to Drax’s room and proceed through the dialogue section. After the dialogues, this item will be added to your list of Compendium items.

Location #2: (Meditation Stone)

This item is also a compendium and can be found in Gamora’s room. Interact with the Meditation Stone to go through the dialogue section and add the item to your inventory.

Both of the above items can only be found in Chapter 12 if you have already found them in Chapter 10.

Location #3 (Knowhere Safe)

This is an Archive. You can get this after defeating the first group of enemies in Chapter 12, you need to follow the other guardians. You will find it on the left side between two log piles.

Location #4 (A Prophetic Convergence)

After collecting the “Knowhere Safe” archive, you need to go to the burning marketplace. You can go there by using the big round elevator. This archive will be found in a stall on your right side.

Location #5 (That’s More Like it)

You will need to find another archive, which can be found once you have fought some enemies after collecting the last archive. You need to squeeze through a crack, and then use the wind element gun to pull a wall. Now, you need Gamora to lift you up, and then go to the other side and open the gate. Now, proceed a bit further and you will notice this collectible on wooden crates in your left direction.

Location #6 (Missing Person’s Report)

From the location of the last collectible item, you need to go to the barricade. Push this barricade and proceed forward until you stumble upon some vending machines. This collectible will be lying right in front of the vending machines.

Location #7 (Glarnot Mask)

After you have collected the “Missing Person’s Report” proceed to slide down the rafter on your left. Now, you need to go upwards through the ledges and use your ice guns to freeze the toxic gas source to stop the gas from leaking out. Now, you need to use ledges to go to the platform where the poisonous gas was leaking from. This is where you will find this Guardian collectible item, Glarnot Mask.

Location #8 (Investigating the Hand)

From the circular sandy area, you need to proceed as the mission requires, and when you need to go downstairs. Stop there, and use your visor to spot an irregularity that Groot can interact with. This leads to a platform on which you can stand and Groot needs to lift you up and you will spot this archive on a crate at the edge of the bridge.

Location #9 (Work-Related Death Report)

This archive can be found once you get back down from the previous archive area. You then need to walk beside the workbench, and you will see the broken stairs. Jump down these stairs into a wide area, and you will find this collectible in the far left corner of this area.

And that’s everything you need to know to find all Chapter 12 Collectibles in Guardians of the Galaxy. Need more help? See How to Beat Blood Brothers, Chapter 2 Choices and Consequences.

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