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GTA 6 To Sell 38 Million Copies In First Year


We have got our first look at GTA 6 from Rockstar after years of waiting and fans are speculating how the game is going to be different from GTA 5. Video games industry expert Joost van Dreunen predicts that GTA 6 sales will be around 38 million copies in its first year.

Provided that GTA 6 has a retail price of $69.99, the console sales on PS5 and Xbox Series S and X alone would generate around $2.7 billion in a year. This could potentially beat the revenue of GTA 5 in the first year of release. GTA 5 made $1.49 billion during the first quarter of release and $1.65 billion during its first year of release.

At the time of writing GTA 6 trailer has more than 124 million views and GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in recent history. So, it is no surprise that there is a lot of hype around the upcoming game.

GTA 5 currently has an online mode and an online mode, so it would not be surprising if Rockstar kept that model. If GTA 6 does have an online mode, then you expect the game to generate even more money.

We have got reports that GTA 6 will not be available on PC at launch and will be limited to consoles, but that might not be true. We do not have all the details of the game at this point, and since it is still pretty far away from release, we should learn more in the coming months.

Let us know what you think about the predicted GTA 6 sales and whether or not you are interested in playing the game at launch. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our article on why GTA 6 is not coming to PC at launch.

Source: Joost van Dreunen via Tweak Town

Talha Amjad
Talha Amjad
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