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The amazing new game from Microsoft, Grounded, is now available on Xbox One and Windows PC. The game is directly inspired by the hit Hollywood Classic “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” Grounded is a video game about a bunch of kids who are shrunk down to the size of an ant. Their world has changed and they need to survive on a daily basis in this harsh new reality. There are four playable characters in Grounded: Max, Willow, Pete, and Hoops. At the very start of Grounded The Game, you will be asked to choose one of the four playable characters. Once you choose your character, it is time to jump into the open world after a brief introduction. In this Grounded Tips and Tricks guide, we will discuss survival tips, resources gathering, and much more.

Grounded Game Survival Tips and Tricks

The most important tool at your disposal in Grounded in the Analyzer. Through this tool, you will unlock new recipes by researching different objects. To use an analyzer simply put an item in it and hit the analyze button. By analyzing an item you can also get free charges for your analyzer. However, keep in mind that the analyzer tool has a cooldown which means you need to wait a number of minutes before you can use it again.

Scan Crafted Items With Resource Analyzer

The Analyzer tool will not only allow you to scan the free items you found in the open world but also the items you crafted. Scanning crafted items will unlock higher tiers. Scanning is a great way to upgrade your inventory items as well as unlock further crafting recipes. One of the first things you should analyze first is SAP as it will give you access to the workbench. Also, blades of grass can help unlock the workbench as well. Workbench is what you should immediately unlock in Grounded so you can craft items.


What Resources Should You Analyze First

Around the open world of Grounded, there are a ton of resources and crafting materials available to you. However, there are only a few resources and crafting materials that you must analyze right off the bat. During the early stages of the game make sure you use the Resource Analyzer to research the following items as soon as possible.

  • Sap
  • Blades of Grass
  • Fiber
  • Plant Fiber >Woven Fiber
  • Pebblet
  • Mite Fuzz

Use the Dandelion Tufts to Mitigate Fall Damage

Your tiny human character in Grounded is extremely vulnerable to fall damage. If you jump off large rocks or plants, chances are that you won’t survive the fall. This could become extremely annoying if you don’t know how to stop fall damage in Grounded. Go and look for Dandelion plants and chop them down with an Axe. Dandelion plants will give you around 3x tufts that are used to glide in Grounded. Tufts will also help you get away from deadly creatures but keep in mind that spiders can still jump up and grab you.

Gather Water Whenever You Can

In the tutorial part of Grounded, there is a section that tells you to find water.  But it doesn’t tell you every place you can find water and what are the resources used to replenish your water bottle. The most obvious place to find water is a drink can but the first time you enter the can there isn’t any water inside. It takes a while for the water to build up inside the water can. Come back later and look for dewdrops inside the water can. You will also find big juice cartons laying around that have dew drops near them. Look underneath anything that can hold liquid and you will usually find drinkable water. Last but not the least, you can drink honey dewdrops as well as nectar which also give a small healing buff.

Note: You can drink dirty, muddy water from the ground but don’t do it unless absolutely necessary. It will bring down thirst levels but takes away a small amount of health.


As you progress in Grounded you will come across crafting materials for Dewdrop collectors. Using the spider web you can craft dewdrop collectors and simply throw them at dewdrops hanging at the tips of the grass above.

Gather Resources

A great way to get multiple resources at once is by using the pebble hammer to break open acorns. You can use the actor top to grow your own crop. Pick up the shell pieces to make water containers to store more water. Very tiny parts of the shell are actually edible so don’t forget to pick them up as well. There are a ton of acorn above the abandoned ant hill in the North East. In the same location, you will find Sap Clumps but you need a pebble hammer to extract sap. Near the big wooden fence where you come across a ton of spiders, underneath the fence you can find a ton of fiber. It is a risky move but worth it in the end as fiber is an extremely useful resource in Grounded. Keep in mind that you can swim into deeper waters. Under the water, you will find resources and crafting materials such as clay and fiber.

You can take on smaller creatures because they often drop valuable resources. Don’t attack Ants though, instead, follow them as they are usually eating the flesh of dead creatures but leaving important survival resources for you to pick up. Ants won’t attack you unless you make the first move.



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