Grounded Base Building Recipes Guide – Floor, Roof, Foundation, Tips

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The early stages of Grounded take up a lot of your time as you gather crafting materials and other resources. However, as you progress you will need to make sure your character has access to a secure base in Grounded. The base building system is pretty deep in Grounded so you’ll need a ton of crafting materials as well as crafting recipes for your base. You can craft a ton of different items for your base. There are walls, doors, floors, roofs, stairs, and many other aspects to the base crafting mechanic in Grounded. Various components come together to craft your base and each of those components requires crafting recipes and materials.

All Base Building Recipes in Grounded

Base building is a gameplay mechanic that lets you create protective shelter for your character. Some of the bigger animals will try to destroy your base but you can lay down defensive traps. There a ton of decor items as well such trophy heads. The following are the base building recipes from Grounded that you will find at various locations in the backyard.

Triangle Floor

  • 2 Grass Plank
  • Clay Foundation
  • 4 Clay

Palisade Gate

  • 4 Weed Stem
  • 2 Woven Fiber

Triangle Wall

  • 2 Grass Plank
  • Triangle Scaffold
  • 1 Weed Stem

Windowed Stem Wall

  • 3  Grass Plank
  • 1 Weed Stem

Sturdy Wall

  • 2 Sprig
  • 3 Weed Stem
  • 4 Woven  Fiber

Roof Corner Interior

  • 4 Clover Leaf
  • 1 Weed Stem
  • Clay Ramp
  • 2 Clay

Windowed Stem Wall

  • 2 Weed Stem
  • Clover Leaf
  • 4 Clover Leaf
  • 1 Weed Stem


  • 4 Grass Plank
  • Sturdy Door
  • 2 Sprig
  • 3 Weed Stem
  • 4 Woven Fiber


  • 3 Grass Plank
  • 1 Weed Stem
  • 1 Woven Fiber
  • 1 Sprig


  • 3 Weed Stem
  • 2 Woven Fiber

Grounded Base Building Tips and How to Build

Once you complete the early portions of the game you will have to focus on building your base in Grounded. This is probably the most important part of survival. You need a secure base to survive in Grounded and to build a secure you need a ton of items, resources, and of course, tips to construct the perfect base for yourself. There are various aspects to building the perfect hideout in Grounded. You need a lean-to so you can sleep and it is also a respawn point. You need a respawn point because you will be dying a lot in this game, especially early on.

Once you are able to craft an axe and a hammer you can start gathering more advanced resources such as the Grass Plants and Weed Stems. Both of these resources are used to build walls, doors, and floors for your base. All crafting recipes are unlocked via the Resource Analyzer so make sure you know where it is located.

When building your base you need to keep three things in mind.

  • Make sure it is close to a resource analyzer
  • Useful resources like water are nearby
  • Away from the Spider Dens

Select the perfect location that meets these criteria and build a lean-to first. As I mentioned, the lean-to is your respawn point and is used for sleeping so craft it first. Before really jumping into building your base gather as many resources as you can and analyze them using the resource analyzer to unlock base building recipes.

At one point you will unlock the Trail Marker which is a helpful little way to find your way home, find the analyzer, etc. Early on in your base building process make sure you place the Trail Marker close to the base so you can easily find your way back to after your hunt for resources.

The tools you need to build a base in Grounded are an axe and hammer. Also, focus on getting as much Woven Fiber and Sap as possible. Create tools that help you gather dew drops, water, and food.

Using these recipes, tips, and crafting materials you can build your very own base in Grounded. I hope this guide explains how to build a base in Grounded, if you need more help check out the Wiki page.


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