The Grim Marrow is a legendary LMG that you can get in Outriders. You can use the weapon to farm other powerful weapons in the game. In this Outriders guide, we are going to go over how you can get the Grim Marrow legendary LMG.


Getting The Grim Marrow LMG In Outriders

Getting the weapon is pretty easy and it is most likely the first legendary weapon that you get in the game. In order to get the weapon, you will need to get to World Tier Level 4. When you get to Gauss you need to be at World Tier Level 4. Defeating the boss will drop the Grim Marrow. The drop rate does depend on RNG but at World Tier 4 most players should get the legendary weapon.

World Tier 4 is going to work fine but if you can get to World Tier 5 then that will increase the drop chance significantly. If you are having issues beating the boss then you can check out our guide on how you can beat Gauss in Outriders.

If you do not get the weapon then know that it is farmable. You can keep coming back and take down the boss until the weapon drops. The legendary LMG has the followings stats:

  • 179 Firepower
  • 11.7% chance of Critical Damage
  • 1% Skills Life Leech
  • 7% bonus to Close Range Damage
  • 240 singularity explosive damage
  • 6.5-meter explosive radius

Shots fired from the weapon slow down enemies and this perk has a cooldown of 4 seconds which means that you can slow down an enemy every 4 seconds which can come in handy and makes this a powerful weapon indeed. It can help you grind Outriders and farm other powerful weapons down the road that you might be interested in getting for yourself.

This is how you can get The Grim Marrow legendary LMG in Outriders.