PC players of Griftlands are experiencing errors and issues with the game like the crash at startup, Access Error to Game Data, MSVCP140.dll missing, and more. Here we will discuss all of the errors and issues that players are experiencing along with their fixes and workarounds.


Griftlands Crash, Stuttering, And Fixes

Griftlands is a unique little game about deck-building roguelite. The game is currently in Steam Early Access and players are facing errors and issues like missing .dll files, crashes, and more.

Game Not Launching, Crash At Startup Fix

Griftlands players are reporting that when they launch the game it either crashes at startup or doesn’t launch at all. Here are a few fixed that will help you.

If you are playing Griftlands on an AMD GPU then the issue is the GPU driver. Reinstall the drivers completely and preferably a different driver version. This will get the game working without a crash at launch.


Another simple fix, go to the game’s install folder and launch the game from its exe. If you get an error like “VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing” or “MSCVP140.dll is missing”, then you just need to download and install the latest Visual C++ Redistributables.

In case you are playing the game on a laptop with an NVidia or AMD GPU, chances are the game isn’t switching to the dedicated GPU. Here are the instructions on how to make sure Griftlands uses the dedicated GPU.

For Nvidia GPU users, open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select the game > select “High-performance Nvidia processor” under preffered preferred graphics option.

For AMD GPU users, open Radeon Settings > Preferences > Additional Settings > Power > Switchable Graphics Application Settings. Select the game and select the “High-Performance profile” to the game under Graphics Settings.


If the issue still persists, then the game might not have admin rights. Right-click on the game’s exe > properties > Compatibility Tab > check “run this program as administrator”. Apply the changes and the issue will be fixed.

Another reason for Griftlands to crash at launch could be your anti-virus/Windows Defender. It might be blocking the game’s exe or other files. Either disable the ant-virus or exclude the game folder from it to fix the game not launching issue.

Missing .dll Files

According to players, as they launch Griftlands they get an error telling them a certain .dll file or files are missing from their system. There are two types of .dll files that will be missing. One belongs to the Visual C++ Redistributables and the other belongs to DirectX.

The following are the missing .dll file errors that are related to Visual C++ Redistributables.



These errors can be fixed by just reinstalling the latest Visual C++ Redistributables, both x86 and x64 versions.

The following are the missing .dll file errors related to DirectX.


These can be easily fixed by installing DirectX. Go to the Steam folder and navigate to “Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared\_CommonRedist\DirectX”. Run the setup and install DirectX. This will fix the error.

Alternatively, players can just manually download the missing .dll file from the internet and place it in the game’s folder. However, I personally don’t recommend it as it can potentially put your system at risk.

Access Error to Game Data Fix

This is another error that players are experiencing which isn’t allowing them to play the game. For Windows users, the issue might be the anti-virus/Windows Defender blocking certain files. Exclude the game’s install folder from it and the Documents folder. This will fix the error.

Black Screen Fix

Black Screen at launch is often an issue with PC games but isn’t a critical one. This issue is related to the game’s resolution and can be fixed easily. Launch Griftlands and when the black screen appears, press “Alt + enter”. The game will go into Windowed mode and will start to display. Go to the game’s video settings and set the proper resolution so that you can play in fullscreen without getting a black screen.

Low FPS, Stuttering Fix

Performance issues are common among PC gamers. This can be attributed to the game’s optimization or the number of PC configurations out there. Griftlands players are reporting that they are experiencing low FPS and stuttering while playing. Here is how you can improve the game’s performance.

First, install the latest GPU drivers and do a clean installation. Also, make sure there is no background process using too much HDD, CPU, or GPU.

If you are playing on a laptop and experiencing performance issues then the game might not be switching the GPU. Look under “Crash At Startup fix” to see how you can make sure the game uses the dedicated GPU instead of the integrated.

In case the above scenario doesn’t apply to you, then launch the game and disable in-game v.sync. Open Nvidia Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings > Program Settings > select Griftlands. Make the following changes.

Set “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”
Set Texture Filtering- Quality” to “High Performance”.
Set Vertical Sync to “On”

If these changes haven’t eliminated stuttering then do what I have told above but set Vertical Sync to “Fast”.

That is all for our Griftlands fixes for errors like the crash at launch, missing .dll files, black screen, and more. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.