Green Hell Crafting Notebook Recipes Guide

Green Hell Notebook Crafting Recipes Guide

You’ll find all the crafting recipes in Green Hell in this Notebook Crafting Guide. You don’t need to unlock any of these recipes to craft them. The only exception to this is the Tribal Firestarter. You’ll gradually continue to unlock more crafting recipes in Green Hell.

Green Hell Crafting Notebook Recipes

The following are all the Notebook Crafting Recipes in Green Hell:


Stone Blade Small Stone 2x
Stick Blade Small Stick 2x + Small Stone + Rope
Bone Knife Bone + Rope
Obsidian Blade Obsidian + Small Stone + Rope


Simple Stone Axe Wood Stick + Small Stone
Stone Axe Wood Stick + Small Stone 2x + Rope
Stone Pick Axe Wood Stick + Stone Blade + Rope
Blade Axe Wood Stick + Stone Blade 3x
Bone Axe Wood Stick + Bone 2x + Rope
Obsidian Axe Obsidian + Wood Stick + Rope


Weak Spear Long Stick
Stone Spear Long Stick + Stone Blade + Rope
Bone Spear Long Stick + Bone + Rope
Obsidian Spear Obsidian + Long Stick + Rope
Four Pronged Spear Long Stick + Small Stick 2x + Rope
Four Pronged Bamboo Spear Long Bamboo Stick + Small Stick 2x + Rope
Bamboo Spear Bamboo

Additional Weapons & Tools

Coconut Bidon Drinkable Coconut + Rope
Bow Long stick + Rope
Bamboo Bow Long Bamboo Stick + Rope
Arrow 2x Feathers + Small Stick
Weak Torch Wood Stick + Rope
Torch Wood Stick + Rope + Tree Resin
Hand Drill Wood Stick + Small Stick
Hand Drill Wood Plank + Small Stick
Tribal Firestarter Wood Stick 2x + Rope 2x


Leaf Armor 1x Banana Leaf + 2x Ropes
Stick Armor 1x Banana Leaf + 2x Ropes + 3x Wood Stick
Bamboo Stick Armor 1x Banana Leaf + 2x Ropes + 3x Bamboo Stick
Bone Armor 1x Banana Leaf + 2x Ropes + 3x Bones
Armadillo Armor 1x Banana Leaf + 2x Ropes + 1x Armadillo Shell


Empty Mold Harvest Mud Brick
Blade Mold Mold + Melted Iron + Stone Blade
Axe Mold Mold + Melted Iron + Simple Stone Axe
Arrow Mold Mold + Melted Iron + Arrow
Armor Mold Mold + Melted Iron + Wood Stick
Metal Blade Blade Cast + Rope
Metal Pickaxe Metal Blade Cast + Rope + Wood Stick
Metal Spear Metal Blade Cast + Rope + Long Wood Stick
Metal Arrow Metal Arrowhead + Rope + Small Stick + 2x Feathers
Metal Armor 3x Armor Plates + 2x Ropes + 1x Banana Leaf


Fishing Rod Long Stick/Long Bamboo + 2x Feathers + Rope + Brazilian Nut Shell
Bone Fishing Hook Bone Needle
Fishbone Hook Fish Bone


Leaf Bandage Molineria Leaf
Ash Dressing Leaf Bandage + Ash
Tobacco Dressing Leaf Bandage + Tobacco Leaves
Honey Dressing Leaf Bandage + Honey
Lily Dressing Leaf Bandage + Plantain Lily
Goliath Dressing Leaf Bandage + Goliath Birdeater Ash


Bone Needle Bone
Fiber Various Herbs including Tobacco
Small Stones Large Stone
Wood Plank Wood Log
Wood Sticks Long Stick
Small Sticks Wood Stick
Bamboo Sticks Long Bamboo Stick
Larva Rotten Vegetatives
Maggot Rotten Meats
Fish Bones Various Fishes
Stingray Tail Stingrays
Feathers Macaw
Turtle Shell Tortoise
Goliath Birdeater Ash Harvesting Burnt
Molds Mud Bricks

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